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0016398MediaMonkey 5Synchronizationpublic2020-02-26 10:26
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Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0016398: Sync: Time limit sync / graceful cancellation
DescriptionCurrently user can limit sync by number of tracks, playlists, type. But due the increased storage available on devices syncing 100+ GB can take 10h+ on some hardware especially on USB 2.0 and lower end SDCards.

It could be very useful if user can set time limit for sync so when time is reached MM gracefully stop sync, update device library (eg. playlists which are synced last) and disconnect device (Optional).

Main reason for this is that user can get new tracks on device in limited time frame eg. Need to drive kids to school in 30 min, lets sync some new tracks within 15-20 min in order to listen while driving them.
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related to 0016399 resolvedrusty Sync: Resume sync in case last sync is interupted 



2020-02-25 01:50

administrator   ~0056860

It's an interesting idea, but is it really necessary if MM always cancel sync operations 'gracefully'. i.e. if the user presses 'cancel', update the DB and any playlists / .m3u files based on the partially synced tracks. Ludek, what do you think?


2020-02-25 10:30

developer   ~0056867

The cancelation is graceful and sync is resumed once initiated again -- so I don't see a reason for adding this.