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0018753MediaMonkey 5Playlistspublic2022-04-20 00:52
Reporterlowlander Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version5.0.3 
Target Version5.0.4 
Summary0018753: Remove Playlist confirmation doesn't confirm it's being used by Auto-Organize
Description1) When removing a Playlist from MediaMonkey the user is not informed that the Playlist is being used by Auto-Organize. MediaMonkey should either:

A Have a general warning, that this could affect AutoPlaylists linking to it, Auto-Organize Rules based on it and Auto-DJ if it's using it.
B Warn of which specific AutoPlaylists and Auto-Organize Rules use the Playlist and if Auto-DJ uses it.

B would be preferred as it is informative about the consequences of the Playlist deletion, but may include quite a bit of overhead before the delete warning is displayed on large libraries.

2) Auto-Organize should highlight rules that are based on non-existent Playlists/Collections, so the user can fix them.
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2022-04-20 00:52

administrator   ~0067602

Here's 1 proposed string re. A/B, shown when deleting a playlist affects other functionality:

"Deleting this playlist will break functionality that links to it (X)."
"Do you want to proceed?"
[Yes] [No]

X= "Auto-organize", "Auto-DJ", "Auto-playlists" (only the relevant functions are displayed, no need to display specific playlists)