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0017022MediaMonkey 4Synchronizationpublic2020-10-22 20:03
ReporterLudek Assigned To 
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Target Version4.1.31Fixed in Version4.1.31 
Summary0017022: iOS sync: iTunes does not see music synced by MediaMonkey
DescriptionAfter upgrade to iTunes 12.10.9 the iTunes reported the devices synced by MM as corrupted -- so I needed to apply the same workaround as in 0015280

I used workaround of writing MediaMonkeyCDB (instead of iTunesCDB) with following downsides:
- music synced by MM is not visible in iTunes anymore, but will be still visible and playable by iPhone itself
- iTunes sync wipes music synced by MM

We should be able to fix this and write iTunesCDB again once we found how to correctly calc the hAB hash

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Fixed in build1915


related to 0015280 closedLudek MediaMonkey 4 iTunes reports corrupted device after sync with MM (iPhone XR and XS) 
related to 0016998 assignedLudek MediaMonkey 5 iOS sync: iTunes does not see music synced by MediaMonkey 



2020-10-22 19:33

developer   ~0059948

Last edited: 2020-10-22 20:03

Fixed in for the legacy devices with old UDID form (before August 2018 : )

We still haven't found a way how to calc the hash for the newer devices though (with the new UDID form -- i.e. original issue 0015280).