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0010738MediaMonkey for AndroidTrack Browserpublic2020-02-25 12:43
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Target Version2.0.0Fixed in Version2.0.0 
Summary0010738: Tracklist header usage for hierarchy navigation
DescriptionPer offline discussions it turned out that navigation in complex hierarchies (particularly UPnP and Folders) can be quite slow and unpleasant. It would be nice to give user a chance to return easily any number of levels up. A discussed solution was to use the top header for this purpose, even though it's already currently used for scrolling all the way up upon clicking. It would:

1. Still scroll all the way up upon clicking.
2. When already scrolled up, the click would result in opening a spinner ( with all the hierarchy levels.

Marek suggested to use the spinner triangle rotated up in order to make it clear that a click would result in action 1, instead of 2 (i.e. when the list is scrolled somewhat down).
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Fixed in build1005


child of 0009580 feedbackrusty Main menu: improved navigation 



2014-09-25 11:47

developer   ~0040578

I think that this can be solved by using new Android UI pattern and use the side pane, that can be used for quick navigation.

This was discussed in email "Modified UI in MMA"

It is very ergonomic for tablets, phablets and phones too.

So I think that this should be implemented in version 1.1.x together with new tablet layout.


2020-02-25 12:43

developer   ~0056874

Fixed by navigation panel.
Fixed in build