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0015668MediaMonkey 5Playlist / Searchpublic2019-07-16 15:48
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Target Version5.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0015668: Search Criteria: no way to search for the existence of tracks with multiple-attribute fields
DescriptionMulti Value fields like Artist can't be searched for existence of multi value eg. Artist = is Known = More than 1

Expected That we have option in Search Criteria to filter tracks that only have Multi values.
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related to 0015690 closedLudek MediaMonkey 5 Contextual search: Failure to search for special characters 
related to 0009756 closedLudek MediaMonkey (current) Searching for ; semi colon in the Artist/Director field throws SQL error 



2019-05-14 12:28


bug15668.jpg (246,071 bytes)
bug15668.jpg (246,071 bytes)


2019-05-14 16:00

developer   ~0053507

Please elaborate what do you mean by "...existence of multi value eg. Artist = is Known = More than 1"
I don't get it at all.


2019-05-14 17:06

developer   ~0053510

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on attached picture you can see that some tracks have multiple artists there is no way to search for ARTIST is KNOW and have MULTI ARTISTS (More than 1 artists per track). I have Tried searching Artist -> Contains -> ";" but it ends empty as ";" is separator for multiple Artists.

Searching individual Artists works eg. Artist -> Contains -> David Guetta or Jack Black


2019-05-31 13:43

developer   ~0053691

Updated description and triaged for 5.1


2019-06-03 12:45

developer   ~0053711

Yes, moved to 5.1 (as we have the workaround)

Assigned to Rusty for wording corrections, as "Artist More than 1" isn't clear and correct IMO


2019-06-12 18:29

administrator   ~0053804

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I think that the 'workaround' is actually a pretty good solution since:
a) it's what most users would try
b) it should work with all other multi-attribute fields besides Artist (Peke please confirm that you've tested)

I've re-opened this for 5.0, though, since in 2181:
- for AutoPlaylists: Artist contains ; failed to find multiple-artist tracks (the same holds true for: Artist contains ";".
- for global search: Artist: ";" failed to find matches
Am I misunderstanding how this is supposed to work?

As far as adding a new filter in 5.1, it could be:
Artist | is multiple
Artist | is many
is known (multiple)

(note: I've used 'is' because we already use 'is' for characteristics of the field e.g. 'is known'. That said, I'm not sure that this is any better than the solution of searching for ';')
(Again, we'd want to implement this for all multi-attribute fields, but again I'm not sure that this is necessarily a better solution)


2019-06-27 00:55

developer   ~0053991

You are right looks like it you are partially right, that for some fields do work and for some after I confirm criteria setting it shows empty.

Re: Wording I vote "is many" as it should be much clear for translation than "is multiple" that can be usually translated differently and can have other meaning
eg. "Artist is multiple" -> "Artist is doubled/trippled/..." where "Artist is many" -> "There is many artist" a straight forward implication of meaning.

bug15668-2.jpg (336,804 bytes)


2019-06-27 01:02

developer   ~0053992

Re better solution: It would bring more granular search/auto-playlists especially for Movies, TV Series, Collaboration, Genre (where you would not have tens of POP genres+sub genre), ... the bigger DB you have the problem of narrow the search and quickly access desired media is bigger.