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0020144MMANow Playingpublic2023-09-21 18:03
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionreopened 
Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.0Fixed in Version2.0.0 
Summary0020144: Play count in NP view doesn't refresh
Description1. Sometimes play counter get not increased after track played.

2. Sync Back Play counter increase on MM5 but not in MMA
Steps To Reproduce1. Sync some tracks with play counter >0
2. Play that track in MMA few times (repeat one)
3. During playback of track use ⋮ -> Properties and check Play counter
4. It does not increase.
5. Sync back to MM5 -> Play counter increases
6. MMA still do not increase playback counter
7. Stop Playback -> Play another track from queue
8. Sync Again
8. Check properties of previous track and now play counter is updated in MMA too
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Fixed in build1097


related to 0019922 closedmartin Track metadata is not updated in playing queue/player after sync 



2023-07-12 14:59

administrator   ~0072449

MartinB was able to confirm that the issue is actually that the playcount isn't updated in the Playing view (but is updated elsewhere).


2023-07-12 18:53

developer   ~0072456

Fixed in build


2023-07-21 22:26

developer   ~0072471

Verified 1097


2023-07-27 18:41

administrator   ~0072516

As reported at , there's a case where this isn't fixed:

1 Play track A until it completes
--> Track B starts playing
2 In the Playing:Art view Press BACK 2x
--> Track A starts playing again
3 View the Properties via the ellipsis above the player
--> Counter failed to advance!


2023-08-16 18:39

developer   ~0072597

Fixed in build


2023-09-21 18:03

administrator   ~0072843

Verified 1102.