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0019558MMW 5Main Panel: Toolbars & Menuspublic2022-11-15 14:28
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionduplicate 
Product Version5.0.3 
Target Version5.1 
Summary0019558: Taskbar preview shows black box
DescriptionOn Windows 11, hovering over the taskbar preview displays the MM dialog with a black box over it if the user previously opened a dialog.
Steps To Reproduce1 Run MM
2 Select a track and Open the Properties dialog
3 Cancel
4 Hover over the MM taskbar icon
--> Taskbar Preview of MM appears
5 Hover over the Taskbar Preview of MM
--> MM is shown but it appears with a black box where the Properties dialog had displayed
Additional InformationThis issue existed in 5.0.3 as well.
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Fixed in build


duplicate of 0016896 feedbackpetr Taskbar Preview flashes and shows closed MediaMonkey dialogs in black 
related to 0019557 resolvedrusty Dialogs resize incorrectly in Windows 11 



2022-11-14 21:04

developer   ~0070295

For me it does not show black box, but the previously opened Properties dialogs, i.e. duplicate of 0016896


2022-11-15 14:28

administrator   ~0070315

Resolving as dup.