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0015757MediaMonkey 5Main Panelpublic2021-10-12 01:30
Reporterlowlander Assigned To 
Status assignedResolutionreopened 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.1 
Summary0015757: Media Tree shows no horizontal scrollbar
DescriptionThe Media Tree doesn't show a horizontal scrollbar when content shown is wider than the Media Tree.
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Ticket 2636
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Fixed in build


related to 0017745 closedmichal Shift+Mouse Scroll doesn't do Horizontal Scroll in Playing node 



2020-01-28 14:24

administrator   ~0056316

That's standard behavior for most media trees (i.e. the UI relies on the user increasing the width of the tree).


2020-03-23 16:40

developer   ~0057291

This is untrue for MM4 and thus would be a feature loss on upgrade from MM4 to MM5. It is simply a really useful feature to have, even if others don't.

The width I require isn't that much, but navigating down many levels provides no way to properly see those levels, requiring a massive width of the Media Tree that isn't needed on it's own (only due to lack of horizontal scrolling).


2020-03-24 16:23

administrator   ~0057310

Let's see if there are complaints about this. I personally feel that this is cleaner.


2021-05-06 17:24

developer   ~0063077

Still experience this as a huge loss of functionality, but no complaints so far.