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0019437MMAGeneralpublic2023-09-27 22:40
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionreopened 
PlatformAndroidOS-OS Version11
Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.0Fixed in Version2.0.0 
Summary0019437: MediaMonkey prompts for permissions to which access cannot be granted
DescriptionOn Android 11 (lineage OS running on an SMT-320 tablet), upon installing to a device that previously had MM installed, MMA prompts to grant access to:

Internal storage:

SD card:

All of these proceed as expected except for the following 2 SD card folders:
with both resulting in a message 'Can't use this folder. To protect your privacy, choose another folder', however:
- it's unclear what to do in this case, especially since I have media content in the Download folder that I want MediaMonkey to have access to.
- if I create a Download/MediaMonkey subfolder (since thats my best interpretation of what to do), MM generates a message that the path 'was not requested. Look at the list above.'

Is this a hard restriction from Android 11? Or is it because MM is requesting permissions incorrectly?
If it's a hard restriction, shouldn't MM avoid asking for those permissions in the first place (especially considering that it seems to be impossible to configure an alternative directory)?
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Fixed in build1061


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2022-10-12 09:58

developer   ~0069758

Fixed in build to include subfolders from download to library)


2022-10-13 01:37

administrator   ~0069783

Last edited: 2022-10-13 01:44

Tested 1028 and the only difference in this build is that MMA no longer prompts to grant access to the 'Playlists' folder on the SD card.
(It still prompts to grant access to the SD > 'Downloads' folder and fails, and then fails to grant access to a subfolder created by the user with the message that the path 'was not requested. Look at the list above.')


2022-10-19 18:54

developer   ~0069868

As of Android 11, write permission cannot be granted for the entire Download folder. The folder must be excluded. Fixed in build


2022-10-27 17:02

administrator   ~0070027

In build 1029 going through the 'grant permissions' workflow works and the user is no longer blocked/sent into a nonsensical path. BUT I just want to make sure that the current approach is what is intended. Currently, on Android 11, the user doesn't have to Grant permissions for the download folder because _the folder is pre-checked_ (i.e. unlike the other folders which have a 'Grant' link next to them, 'Downloads' has a checkmark.

Is this intended? i.e. this implies that the user doesn't need to grant access to Downloads, because MM already has access to that folder. Is that actually the case?


2022-10-28 06:37

developer   ~0070031

Permissions cannot be granted for the entire Download folder, only subfolders. Therefore, the "Download" folder should not be listed to grant permission. How did you include it in the library, was your device upgraded from Android 10?
Please provide a screenshot where the "Download" folder is listed.
Also, save the log to provide your database via "Send crashlogs" and the "Save" button and then send it via Skype.


2022-10-31 03:53

administrator   ~0070047

The device _was_ upgraded from Android 8 --> 9 --> 10 --> 11. But when I did a "clean' installation, it wasn't completely clean as it didn't include steps 2 and 3 below.

So I retested as follows:
1 Uninstall MMA (without retaining files)
2 Delete the /MediaMonkey directory
3 Uninstall MMA Pro
4 Install MMA
1) Allow MM to access photos and media on your device?
2) MM prompts to grant access to expected Music, Viideo, and Playlists on the SD Card, but not the /Downloads folder
So it seems that the "bug" that I'd described at 0019437:0070027 isn't really a bug.

The only problem was that tracks/videos that were already in the /downloads directory cannot be scanned by MediaMonkey. But I guess that there's no simple workaround to this?


2022-10-31 18:36

developer   ~0070061

Rest of issue moved to #0019517


2023-01-10 15:14

developer   ~0070880

Opening due to ticket 5307.
Need to handle the special case when no folder is on SD-card.


2023-01-10 17:17

developer   ~0070883

Fixed in build


2023-01-12 16:43

administrator   ~0070894

This failed to fix the problem for the user at ticket 5307:

Log ID: LJ84B6BA6N
Description: sd card access denied


2023-01-16 22:12

developer   ~0070927

Fixed in build


2023-05-09 21:10

administrator   ~0071786

Verified 1080. The only issue that still occurs on occasion is that granting access may appear to fail with a 'Request not granted' error if the system fails to respond in time (e.g. for /Video), and if that occurs, then the grant access screen gets updated for /Video when the next directory is granted access.