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0020027MMADBpublic2023-09-27 22:40
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.0Fixed in Version2.0.0 
Summary0020027: Granting folder permissions fails for some device/OS versions because folder chooser doesn't appear
DescriptionUser of a Xiaomi device running Lineage OS 12 is consistently unable to grant access to folders on local storage (both the /MediaMonkey and the various media folders). Each time they attempt to grant access, the file chooser fails to open and thus access is not granted.

A possibly related situation was described at 0019437:0071786 (also on Lineage OS) where the system chooser appears but MMA fails to recognize that access has been granted. In that case the issue is specific to the SD card though, and resolves itself when the user attempts to grant access a second time after which MMA shows that access is successfully granted (MartinB explained that this issue was due to a failure of the API to respond in a timely manner with correct information).
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Debug log at ticket 5868
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Fixed in build1083


related to 0019437 resolvedmartin MediaMonkey prompts for permissions to which access cannot be granted 



2023-05-16 09:31

developer   ~0071883

Fixed in build