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0015571MediaMonkey 5Syncpublic2022-11-21 10:50
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Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.2 
Summary0015571: Sync: Save .m3u Playlists hierarchically for some non MMA devices
DescriptionRecently during helping users with FiiO devices and from other user complains not having hierarchy of Synced playlists. We should consider adding special handling of Playlists thru Folder Structure similar to Prefix each playlist we already have.

Result of Synced playlist Folder Structure would be:
\playlist 1.m3u
\playlist 2.m3u
\playlist 3.m3u
\[DIR] playlist 4\playlist 4.m3u
\[DIR] playlist 4\[DIR] playlist 5\playlist 5.m3u
\playlist 6.m3u

Confirmed On FiiO devices and Sony Devices and using ES File Explorer and other File managers and Kodi that support folder browsing makes navigating thru folder hierarchy much easier with this approach. All other players that support playlists even if they do not they support folder structure and list all playlists in single list sort them in correct order as folder structure tells them to put playlist in correct order alphabetically according to folder structure that dictates sorting.
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Fixed in build


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related to 0019577 assignedmichal M3U/M3U8 Extended format improvement Read/Write 



2020-01-30 18:12

administrator   ~0056400

Note that this would have to be configurable since the approach wouldn't work on many devices that don't support playlist hierarchy.