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0019577MMW 5Playlistspublic2024-02-18 18:35
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version5.1Fixed in Version5.1 
Summary0019577: M3U/M3U8 Extended format improvement Read/Write
DescriptionThis is a parent bug that summarizes several issues with MM's current M3U implementation including several child issues previously raised:

1. Some M3U devices that support UTF-8 encoded m3u files will only read the file correctly if it has a flag as described below. This is based on Second line of M3U can contain "#EXTENC:UTF-8" to tell Apps format is in UTF-8. No regressions found when loading such M3U file in other apps/devices and playlists are added normally

2. Some devices (e.g. QNAP and other linux devices) don't correctly translate <PlaylistName>.m3u to the Playlist Name in the associated Media Application (e.g. 8.3/UTF-8 limits or spaces removed). Apps designed for IPTV and HLS address this limitation with M3U/M3U8 containing a line with "#PLAYLIST:<Playlist name>" so that the associated app can use the Playlist name instead of actual filename.
I've tested this and all tested apps either ignore or support it--no errors were reported by adding this.

3. As previously reported at 0019258, 0019124, 0016540 and 0015571 , MM should add support for hierarchichal playlists within m3u files as per existing standards--see (eg. example 5). Expected behavior would be:
i) During import referenced playlist would be imported as sub playlist
ii) on Playback referenced playlist would be loaded at playlist reference position
iii) There should be Additional setting in Playlist format to allow disabling referencing playlists for better compatibility

based on Reference playlist should be added as:
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Fixed in build2800


related to 0015571 feedbackrusty MMW 5 Sync: Save .m3u Playlists hierarchically for some non MMA devices 
related to 0016540 assignedLudek MMW 5 Devices & Services: Ability to write hierarchical M3U playlists 
related to 0019124 closedrusty MMW 5 Ability to play nested playlist (m3u) files 
related to 0019258 newrusty MMW 5 Playlists: Support hierarchical M3U playlists export 
related to 0011161 new MMW v4 Ability to play nested playlist files needed 



2022-11-21 16:09

developer   ~0070412

1) I do not understand the purpose, we can for sure add support for reading this line, but for saving in UTF8 format the M3U8 file is intended, "#EXTENC:UTF-8" is not part of standard (as stated in the Wiki table). You say there are devices, which do not support M3U8, but only support M3U with this flag?


2022-12-01 10:33

developer   ~0070471

Last edited: 2022-12-01 10:37

yes, I even tested on Android devices by saving M3U (without BOM) and Cyrillic filenames and same M3U with that line and one with line read normally on device and one without that line read on some (Android 9 based), but fail on other MP3 player (Android 6, 8 based).


2022-12-13 09:55

developer   ~0070530

Last edited: 2022-12-13 10:00

1) and 2) fixed in build 2800.
Assigning to Luděk for implementing 3), as it is related to his other related issues concerning hierarchical playlist and probably more complex.


2022-12-13 09:56

developer   ~0070531

Last edited: 2022-12-13 09:57

Ludek, consider moving 3) to another issue and resolving this one to test what is done, as hierarchical playlists issues have target 5.2.


2023-03-07 22:37

developer   ~0071316

Last edited: 2023-03-07 22:38

3) From what I have read references to other M3U playlists are generally not well-supported.
Acatually I did not find an app that is creating such a M3U. Feel free to re-open should there be an app using M3U with references to other M3Us.
Plus AFAIR Zvezdan already has an addon to import/export hierarchical M3U ( 0019258:0069390 )

Resolving as fixed in 2800 in order to test 1/2


2023-05-18 23:15

developer   ~0071980

Last edited: 2023-05-18 23:17

Verified 1, 2 in 2804

NOTE: Still not closed in TBD what to do about 3) and related bugs.


2024-02-18 18:35

developer   ~0074290

re Verified 2834

Raised 0019258 for quicker evaluation.