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0016540MediaMonkey 5Syncpublic2022-11-23 11:54
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Target Version5.2 
Summary0016540: Devices & Services: Ability to write hierarchical M3U playlists
DescriptionMany Services do not support Playlist at all or Playlist hierarchy (Tested on Google Drive, DropBox, One Drive Online services, Windows Desktop Apps, for the services and using QNAP Hybrid Backup )

Currently only when Service is accessed with MediaMonkey then MM reads "[SERVICE ROOT FOLDER] > MediaMonkey > Meta_Files > v3 >" and all is imported/show correctly, but when user wants to remotely access/sync data on different PC/Device that do not have MM installed then all playlists are lost.

Solution would be that MM Sync M3U8 Playlists (FORCED RELATIVE PATH) using Folder hierarchy To simulate MM Playlist Hierarchy.

If This would be implemented then Service "Sync profile" Options are missing "Playlists" where user can set M3U8 Format to set Linux or Windows format of folder separator eg. "/" or "\"

NOTE that "HBS 3 Hybrid Backup Sync" once synced explained folder structure, Playlists and files allow QNAP Music Station app can play the files and import Playlist.

Expected behavior would be if not supporting Playlist hierarchy structure to at least sync Playlists like it "Local folder" Service.
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Fixed in build


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2020-04-21 03:01


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2020-04-21 03:10

developer   ~0057660

If this is implemented then User can use any Service Native Application to Sync its Cloud folder Locally and will be able to play MM playlists due the fact that cloud drive will have same Folder Structure and paths in M3U8 files will work.