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0011161MMW v4Playerpublic2022-11-21 15:43
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Summary0011161: Ability to play nested playlist files needed
DescriptionLet say that I have "Dark Side of the Moon.m3u" containing tracks from that Pink Floyd album, then "Wish You Were Here.m3u" from another album, and so on..., and let say that I want "Pink Floyd.m3u" which would play all tracks from all Pink Floyd albums. Instead to specify all audio tracks from all Pink Floyd albums, such playlist file would contain only next lines:

Pink Floyd\Dark Side of the Moon.m3u
Pink Floyd\Wish You Were Here.m3u

Then, I could have another playlist "Rock.m3u" containing (among other):

Rock\Pink Floyd.m3u

Actually, my whole audio library is organized by Genre/Artist/Album having such nested playlist files, and I could play them in Winamp without any problem (which is just one more reason why I don't use MediaMonkey as a player). You know, Winamp had such possibility since forever (IIRC, I think it was introduced in v1.6, maybe some 15 years ago).
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