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0019124MMW 5Playbackpublic2023-05-17 17:51
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Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.2Fixed in Version5.1 
Summary0019124: Ability to play nested playlist (m3u) files
DescriptionHere is one old remnant from MM4 (, which still prevents me from using MediaMonkey as player.

Interestingly enough, you have added a partial ability to read nested playlist files in MM5. However, there is still a problem with it:
- it supports only one level deep nested playlists;
- after drag&drop such playlist files to the Playing list, the referenced media files are not in the same order as they are in the nested playlist files;
- only media files referenced in the first nested playlist file will have displayed tags correctly.

Here is what folders I have for example:
+ Pink Floyd\
++ Dark Side of the Moon\
++ Wish You Were Here\
++ Animals\

The "Dark Side of the Moon" folder contains "Dark Side of the Moon.m3u" playlist file and the media files from that album:
#EXTINF:237,Pink Floyd - Speak to Me / Breathe in the Air
01 - Speak to Me - Breathe in the Air.mp3
#EXTINF:211,Pink Floyd - On the Run
02 - On the Run.mp3

The similar is with the "Wish You Were Here" and "Animals" folders. Then I have "Pink Floyd.m3u" playlist file in the "Pink Floyd" folder as this:
Dark Side of the Moon\Dark Side of the Moon.m3u
Wish You Were Here\Wish You Were Here.m3u

And then I have "Rock.m3u" file in the "Rock" folder like this:
Pink Floyd\Pink Floyd.m3u

If I drag&drop "Pink Floyd.m3u" into Playing list, I will get all media files that are referenced in these 3 folders, but not in the same order as they are specified in "Pink Floyd.m3u" file. Also, only the first nested playlist file ("Dark Side of the Moon.m3u") has correctly displayed tags of files, the other two don't.

Now, if I drag&drop "Rock.m3u" file into Playing list, it will display only:
Pink Floyd.m3u

and if I click on it nothing will happen, it will just dim the color of that line.

If I do the same in Winamp, I will get displayed all referenced media files in all nested playlists, even on the second and deeper levels, and they will be in the correct order.

I have my music library and playlist files organized like that more than 20 years ago and I don't want to change it. If that means that I still need to use Winamp to play it, so be it.
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Fixed in build2800


related to 0019258 newrusty Playlists: Support hierarchical M3U playlists export 
related to 0019577 closedLudek M3U/M3U8 Extended format improvement Read/Write 



2022-09-15 18:56

administrator   ~0069293

This is related to the various bugs associated with child playlists in the sense that currently, the relationship between a parent and a child playlist is mostly non-existent (aside from a visual representation), and various issues have suggested that the relationship be more than just visual (e.g. for synchronization, for sharing over UPnP, or for playback).


2022-09-17 09:18

updater   ~0069343

I am not talking about MM playlists and their parent/child relations. I am talking about M3U playlist files and loading of media files referenced in them into the Playing list, e.g. when I drag&drop such M3U file from Windows Explorer to MM. These two things are not related.


2022-09-18 22:32

administrator   ~0069346

They're related in the sense that if they're to be imported/respresented in Now Playing in a certain fashion, users would expect them to be imported/represented in the library in a similar fashion; and that they should be exportable from the library as M3U files in the same format as is supported for importing them.


2022-09-19 16:01

updater   ~0069367

There is not any "import" or "representation in Now Playing". The program should read nested M3U files recursively and put their referenced media files flat, directly into Playing list, just like Winamp is doing without being based on database playlists and their parent/child relations. And just like your own v5 program is doing with M3U files that are nested one level deep, as I explained in the Description, without any implicit importing or representations.

The external media files referenced in M3U files that are loaded into Playing list are not automatically imported into database, they are not added to the Library just by drag&drop to the Playing list. These files are loaded to the Playing list to be played, they don't need to be exported and users don't expect such thing.

If you want your program to do something similar, you should open another issue.


2022-09-20 06:32

updater   ~0069391

Just for your information, my Export/Import Playlists add-on ( already has hierarchical export and import of playlist files (M3U, M3U8, ASX or XSPF) having proper parent/child relations among other things, and I have plan to port it to MM5.

Such export/import of playlist files is completely unrelated to Playing list.


2022-09-20 06:50

updater   ~0069392

If it is still not clear what is this issue about, it is not only that playlist files are hierarchically nested in their respective folders, but they are also nested internally: "Rock.m3u" contains a reference to another playlist file ("Pink Floyd.m3u"), which contains references to another playlist files ("Dark Side of the Moon.m3u", "Wish You Were Here.m3u" and "Animals.m3u"), but only these last three M3U files contain references to the actual media files for the respective albums.


2022-12-13 09:50

developer   ~0070529

Fixed in build 2800.


2023-05-17 17:51

developer   ~0071907

Verified 2804

Rest is handled in 0019258