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0018383MediaMonkey 5Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)public2021-10-11 02:38
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Target Version5.1 
Summary0018383: Multi-attribute fields: multi-selection/deselction of attributes requires the keyboard and multiple views of the attribute list
DescriptionClassifications like moods supports multi value but not easy to apply.

Currently you can type each mood separating it with "; " but you can't select it in drop down.

Expected Classification Dropdown to have check Boxes and that Checked onse be on TOP.
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related to 0017826 closedLudek Add the ability to add/configure custom items in the toolbar 



2021-10-05 10:49

developer   ~0064984

Rusty, do we really want to change this behavior? The original behavior is used from MM4 and in all multivalue items. Checkboxes here will change basic behavior for some multivalue dropdowns, it does not make much sense for me, it will be confusing. And for people, who like the original way, could be also irritating, because it will work slightly differently than they're used to.


2021-10-11 02:28

administrator   ~0065092

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Users currently _can_ select multiple attributes via the drop down: press ';' --> drop-down of available values appears. The issue is that users can't multi-select the values from that list--they must use the keyboard to press ';' again and then select another value from the list.

I agree with Michal that it doesn't make sense to implement different selection mechanisms for Genres vs Moods vs Artists. I do like the idea of allowing users to select/deselect entries via a checkbox, but this would be a major change as it's not clear that it could co-exist with the current keyboard-based approach which many others prefer.

So unless I'm mistaken, this would require a fair bit of study/design.