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0021028MMW 5Main Panelpublic2024-06-27 10:46
Reporterzvezdan Assigned To 
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Product Version5.1 
Target Version5.1Fixed in Version5.1 
Summary0021028: Accidental moving of files inside popup causes their physical moving and display of multiple files / D&D is broken (regression)
DescriptionI have a very sensitive touch pad and because of that I have a lot of situations when my computer interprets a single tap and move of mouse cursor as double tap and drag, which sometimes causes moving of files unnecessarily. When that happens, i.e. when I see a file and/or cursor changed to indicate that there is a drag&drop operation, I usually have solutions to abort that operation. But not in the case of popups. So, when that happens in popups, i.e. the program thinks that I started moving of file, even if the file is dropped at the same place where it was in the popup, the file will be physically moved, usually to its parent folder, but sometimes to who-knows-where.

The second, less serious problem is that such operation causes display of multiple files in popup for the same folder/album, as it was before with the 0020434 issue.

I experienced this several times before, I got that now with 3031, fresh installation, empty db, ini and persistent. So, since I am mentioning popups, you know I am talking about Grid (by Album) view. This only happens with the recursive display of folders enabled.

Video follows.
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Fixed in build3034


related to 0020434 closedLudek Selecting in Grid (by Album) show duplicate tracks 



2024-06-19 09:44

developer   ~0076047

Fixed in 3032


2024-06-20 23:53

developer   ~0076092

Verified 3032


2024-06-22 10:14

updater   ~0076129

I am glad that I don't have this issue anymore, but I am not sure if your solution by completely disabling the drag&drop functionality was the best option. What if someone would like to drag&drop tracks from one popup/album into another, or to drag files to the Playing list?

I just wanted that the accidental moving of files that are dragged and dropped to the same popup/album doesn't perform. But not if they are dropped outside of the source popup.

As I said, when I notice that the mouse cursor changed to indicate unwanted drag&drop operation, I always tried to move cursor back to the same place where it was when such thing started, avoiding to release the mouse button outside of the source.


2024-06-22 18:13

developer   ~0076131

This fix breaks D&D to playing (and other places) which should still be allowed.


2024-06-24 18:05

developer   ~0076144

Fixed in 3034


2024-06-27 10:46

developer   ~0076182

Verified 3034