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0010160MediaMonkey for AndroidSynchronizationpublic2018-08-03 11:07
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Target Version2.2.0 
Summary0010160: Real PlayHistory synch
DescriptionIn MMW all occasions of when a track is played (within MMW), gets stored in the Played table with exact Datetime of when it was played. That information can then be used to create fancy scripts, (perhaps most noticeable in the PlayHistory script:

However, when a track is played on a portable device, no such info gets stored on the portable device. Merely the internal PlayCounter and LastPlayedDate is maintained on the portable device. Then when synching such device with MMW, it’s possible to synch PlayCounter and LastPlayedDate but not any PlayHistory (i.e. the Played table) since the information doesn’t exist. This makes scripts, based on the Played table, not work properly and it also makes scrobbling these plays to Last-FM problematic.

It would be great if MMA, as the first portable player, could keep tracks of these plays internally and then synch them properly to MMW’s Played table. Both to make scripts work properly and to make scrobbling to Last-FM easier and more correct. The feature would make MMA to stand out even more from its competitors.
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2013-04-08 14:58

updater   ~0035574

Is something like this even possible to implement? If so, I really hope to see this make it into the app at some point (hopefully soon). This was always my biggest gripe when I was using iDevices.

Seems like there's a fair share in the thread hoping for this too. :)