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0015835MediaMonkey 5Framework: Taggingpublic2020-01-22 02:42
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Target Version5.1 
Summary0015835: Album Metadata: Additional Album Metadata to improve sorting
DescriptionIn MM4 and earlier versions user could Right click on Album and add Basic info like Album Artist and Comment to Album Properties. It was there but we never used it and developed further.

In MM5 when user do same it gets Mass Edit, but when user is watching Artist and its online database under Albums he can enable SHOW ALL ALBUMS not just Studio Albums which is very handy to play EPs and Remixed Singles.

It could be useful that we can use that information and do the same for My Library and be able to sort them as Albums, EPs, Live, Complications, etc.

That sorting could be also useful for tagging as presentations of Albums would look more natural like physical media.
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- MusicBrainz refers to this attribute as Type:
- Discogs refers to it as Format Description:
There doesn't appear to be any standard tag that applies to this attribute though (across all supported formats).
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Fixed in build


related to 0014963 newmichal Add support for new classic music tags introduced in iTunes 12.5 


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