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0020389MMW 5Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)public2023-12-01 17:53
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Target Version5.1Fixed in Version5.1 
Summary0020389: Properties drop down do not get auto selected if only one result is available
DescriptionProperties drop down do not get auto selected if only one result is available user needs to use Arrow down to select only selection in list where Enter should Auto fill search result. This is preferred as Typing "queen" should Auto select "Queen" on Enter and now it stays as "queen"

NOTE: Personally when there is only single Exact match it should be Auto Selected same goes for partial exact match where searched term matches search result using criteria Starts with eg. Searching artist "Quee" should Auto select "Queen" artist in list.
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Fixed in build2826



2023-11-22 18:48

developer   ~0073615

Fixed in

Note: Implemented the same way as used to be in MM4


2023-11-24 17:57

developer   ~0073630

I believe that this was on purpose as it auto-complete leads to accidental value entry this way. If you were to have an Artist value of Word1 Word2 and want to enter a new Artist of Word1 it would automatically make it Word1 Word2, unless user notices that they now need to delete Word 2 from their input. This is an annoying behavior that leads to incorrect input by user.
The old method of having to use arrow is preferred to prevent this.


2023-11-24 19:14

developer   ~0073639

Last edited: 2023-11-24 19:15

User can just press delete to remove the suggestion, this works same as in MM4 now...
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image.png (4,817 bytes)   


2023-11-24 20:14

developer   ~0073640

Last edited: 2023-11-24 20:21

I now you can, but that is easily missed, resulting in bad data. The same argument of just pressing Delete, can be made in reverse that you just can press down to auto-complete, but then you don't have accidental incorrect data entry.


2023-11-24 20:17

developer   ~0073641

There is a bug with the current implementation. If you edit or enter a multi-value all other values are lost when auto-completes auto enters data.

On Genre enter Pop; Ac With Acoustic being the only Genre with ac, Genre will be set to Acoustic instead of Pop; Acoustic.


2023-11-24 20:19

developer   ~0073642

Last edited: 2023-11-24 20:20

Even with leaving part of the Genre it auto-completes:
Genre is set to Country; Christmas remove Countr and in front of Y type Easy, Genre now is showing Easy Listeningy

With Country; Christmas, adding ; Easy after the current value ends up with Easy Listeningsy


2023-11-26 13:13

developer   ~0073659

Assigned to Rusty for the main decision whether we should implement the MM4 way or just revert everything to the 5.0.4 way, i.e. no auto-completing and need to press the down arrow and select the result..


2023-11-27 15:38

developer   ~0073663

Last edited: 2023-11-27 15:41

If we decide the keep the current implementation then we should aslo fix issue reported in [Ticket # 6563]
where space bar does not work in search bar (for words already in history) because of the new auto-completion feature..


2023-11-27 19:06

administrator   ~0073665

Last edited: 2023-11-27 20:48

I think that it's useful for MM to autocomplete an entry in the same manner that autocomplete works in other cases (e.g. with a browser, where the search bar will autocomplete recent searches), however, I wouldn't consider this to be an 'urgent' feature. Moreover, any implementation should probably distinguish between Search and Field editing usecases. i.e.
a) when fields are being edited (Properties dialog, in-place editing), this is useful.
b) There probably isn't much value for implementing this for Global search or Contextual filtering since in those cases, the search results are dynamically updated, and autocompletion would counter-productively cause search results to be eliminated (e.g. if 'Beatles' was most recently searched, and auto-complete would complete 'beat' to 'Beatles', then results matching 'Bronski beat' would be eliminated from the search results that continually update. Auto-complete is useful when search results aren't dynamically shown (as it is a shortcut version of dynamic search results), but if dynamic search results are shown, then there's no point to implementing auto-complete.

If, however, search is configured to 'Scroll to match', auto-complete would probably make sense.

BUT, in the cases where it makes sense we'd still have to fix:
- The bug with spaces
- The bug in which auto-completion of a multi-attribute field causes all of the attributes to be overwritten (instead of just the attribute being edited)

Summary: if it's too difficult to properly implement this within the time/risk constraints for 5.1, then we way want to revert and defer this.

p.s. When it comes to editing fields, there's also an argument to be made that auto-complete should:
c) Account for prefixes (e.g. typing 'Beat' should show and auto-complete to 'The Beatles'
d) Also show other entries e.g. in the case of 'Beat' it should show and possibly auto-complete 'Bronski Beat'


2023-11-29 14:47

developer   ~0073672

Last edited: 2023-11-29 14:47

OK, implemented it same way as used to be in MM4

i.e. auto-completing when inline editing and Properties, but not in search bar
Also mentioned issues with multi-value edit fixed to the MM4 level

=> Fixed in 2826


2023-12-01 17:53

developer   ~0073689

Although I remain opposed to this change from MMW5.0, as you know have to verify that MediaMonkey didn't auto-complete to a different value than user entered and intended, it works as specced on 2826.