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0015708MediaMonkey 5Skinning frameworkpublic2020-01-23 16:03
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Target Version5.1 
Summary0015708: Ability to set Start/Stop Time from context menu
DescriptionAfter implementing Waveform Seekbar user now can visually try to set Start/Stop Time for a track.

Expected that we add Start/Stop Option in context menu as shown on Attached image that would directly set Start/Stop Time fro playing track.

Few cases that should be paid attention to:
1. Start can't be set after stop marker (Grayed)
2. Stop Marker Can't be set before Start marker (Grayed)
3. Time Start<>Stop Length can't be 0

Future implementation:
4. Quick Set Start/Stop Time using Middle Mouse Click following above criteria and:
a) Start is automatically set if pos is <1/3 of track length
b) Stop is automatically set if pos is >2/3 of track length

5. Start/Stop Markers can be Dragged either using Middle Button or Hotkey (eg. CTRL/ALT/SHIFT+Mouse Click Hold and Drag)
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Fixed in build


related to 0015650 closedmichal Skinning: Waveform Progress Bar 



2019-07-01 11:25

developer   ~0054025

Pushed for 5.1 and raised priority for evaluation after 5.0 gets out