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0016838MMW v4Synchronizationpublic2020-09-23 20:31
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.1 
Target Version4.1.30Fixed in Version4.1.30 
Summary0016838: Sync: Sync Fail After Moving SDcard to new phone
DescriptionAfter inserting SDCard from Old phone to New one that was never synced before SYNC fail an dI observed number of crashes and failed Syncs.
Steps To ReproduceSteps:
1. I Initialized new Phone
2. Installed MMA
3. Connected SDcard
4. Allowed access
5. SDcard Recognized under different name
6. Started sync with MMW
7. Sync Fail (LOGs Images sent)

8. Connected phone to PC
9. Started Sync (Profile Detected correctly)
10. It tries to sync all the files (Even all files are already synced to that SDcard)
11. Tried to Cancel CRASH MMW (Pic Attached)
12. MMW Froze
13. Killed MMW From task manager
14. Saved MMW LOG (ON FTP)
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bug16838.jpg (119,841 bytes)   
Fixed in build1911


related to 0015847 closedLudek MMW v4 Wi-Fi sync: Track pairing can silently fail for a batch when a track is 'application/octet-stream' type 
related to 0015871 closedLudek MMW v4 Wi-Fi sync can fail in some very specific scenarios 



2020-07-21 01:10

developer   ~0059039

Reminder sent to: Ludek

Sent reminder to Ludek as bug is related to MMW also


2020-07-21 01:47

developer   ~0059040

I finally managed to Sync via USB, But WI Fi Still fail. new Log updated.


2020-07-21 10:51

developer   ~0059041

I checked it on MMA side. Sync failed, because "Pairing failure - lists have to have same size 1 !=45".

It means MMA sends 45 tracks to MMW for pairing, but MMW returns just one.
In the next log, MMA sends 100 tracks to MMW, but MMW returns 82.

I can provide list of tracks, which MMA sends if it will be needed.


2020-07-21 12:15

developer   ~0059043

Uploaded New MMA LOG WiFi Sync Fail and created MMW log in sync sent to Ludek.


2020-07-21 22:01

developer   ~0059049

Based on the last log ( bug16838_newlog.LOG ) it really fails on parsing DIDL when pairing tracks for track "\Music\Jingle Bells\Zvon?i?i, Zvon?i?i - Jingle Bells.mp3", finding more, but looks somehow related to some special chars. MMA seems to send it correctly in UTF-8, but MMW fails to parse it, going to find more tomorrow...


2020-07-21 23:07

developer   ~0059050

Last edited: 2020-07-21 23:10

Fixed in and merged to


2020-07-21 23:55

developer   ~0059051

Test Note based on our offline conversation.

This do not happen on WiFi sync of same files if files do not exist on device, but fail if files are already on device and on on sync MMA asks MMW/MM5 to pair the tracks. eg. sync fails on pairing not syncing tracks with special characters.


2020-07-23 21:06

developer   ~0059096

Further test showed that as Lite version of MM Library created on sync as result of implementation of 0014105:0048988 would also resolve needless pairing during WiFi Sync as MMA would also import it on initial scan #14521 and would also avoid crash I had due the complete resync of files.


2020-09-23 20:31

developer   ~0059668

Verified 1911 and 1912

All Ok on my daughter phone. No more issues.