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0020598MMW 5Help / Docs / Localizationpublic2024-03-22 02:40
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Product Version5.1 
Target Version5.1Fixed in Version5.1 
Summary0020598: Finalize 5.1 strings for translation
DescriptionI translated the strings to french, and in the course of doing so updated explanations regarding the changes and noted the following issues that we should resolve before sharing with translators:

1) 'Edit bookmark' and 'Add bookmark' have been reversed for some reason (and therefore require translator edits to both strings even though there shouldn't be any)?!

2) I'm getting an error that a number of strings are duplicates:

a) "Update files and metadata as follows when syncing to '%s'"
b) "Delete from 'Playing' list and the database only"
c) There's a ?new? string 'Please enter name'. Can't the existing string 'Enter name' be used?
d) "Shuffle disabled. Unable to unshuffle due to edits - use 'Undo' to revert changes to the Playing list."
e) + more along the same lines with the query 'Failing check: Reused translation' (in French & Czech)

3) Some near-duplicates where we may be able to optimize:
a) Are both 'Organi&ze files' and 'Organize' required? i.e. Wouldn't the former be sufficient?
b) Are both '&Tag from filename' and 'Tag from filename' required?

4) "%s appears running normally, if you still can't access server on the other machines/devices click Help."
%s seems to be working correctly. See Help, if you're unable to access the server from other devices.

5) The operation will be finished after the end of playback of the current track.
The operation will complete after the the current file finishes playing.

6) This kind of audio conversion is not implemented yet. Channels: %d (required: %d), Bits per sample: %d (required: %d)
----I'm not clear on what this means. Is this accurate:---->
Conversion isn't supported for this file. Channels: %d (max supported: %d), Bits per sample: %d (max supported: %d)

7) "Library database %s can't be opened, please check the file is accessible and is not locked.

There are a couple of issues with this: Grammar + there shouldn't be breaks in the string + 'Error:' shouldn't be at the end! e.g.
Library database %s can't be opened. Please check if the file is accessible or locked by another process.

Note: if the problem is that the file is locked, then why bother with this message? Most users don't even know what a 'locked' file is. Wouldn't it be possible to just copy the locked file and change the config to use the copy?

8) Your network connection is set to 'Public'. This usually sets your device to not be discoverable by other devices on the network.If you're at home then you might want to switch to 'Private' instead. Do you wish to proceed?
Your network connection is set to 'Public'. This usually causes your machine to not be discoverable by other devices on the network. If you're on a home network, you may want to switch your network connection to 'Private'.

(note: 'Do you want to proceed?' already exists as a string and should be re-used rather than reimplemented)

9) As in the case above, there is another new string in which 'Do you want to proceed?' has been included in the string when it would be preferable to re-use the existing string:
a) The change in artwork at %s will apply to %d other file(s) on the album. Do you want to proceed?

10) If disabled, tag edits will not cause the file to resync
On sync, metadata for edited tags are always synced. This option additionally causes edited tracks to be recopied (useful for devices running 3rd-party players).

11) 'Use in'

Where does this string appear?
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Fixed in build3004


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2024-02-09 14:24

developer   ~0074229

Last edited: 2024-02-11 10:02

1) I do not see anything like this, hard to say what happened for you.
2) "Reused translation" is warning, that two different string have the same translation for given language (it is suspicious, but can be ok in some languages and some strings). In this case it is e.g. situation, where we only added apostrophes around "Playing" (and it already has the same translation for string without apostrophes.
3)a) was requested by you in #20151, changed.
3)b) fixed
4) fixed
5) fixed
6) it is error message, which should not occur, it is there only for sure to detect and show critical error (in the past it already helped to find problems, like 0020139). It was in MM4 too, but not translated. It happens, when app is trying to convert source stream with CH1 channels and BPS1 bytes per sample format, to (required) CH2 channels and BPS2 format (typically format requested by output plugin, but could be also part of conversion). I rolled back translation, as the error message from SQL Lite will be in English anyway.
7) string is from 0019578, the cause of the problem could be any. So that is why we display the error message given by SQL Lite. As the string is not used anywhere else, I changed it to your original "Database file %s cannot be accessed." and separated already existing string "Error".
8) previous wording was yours from 0017917. Changed.
9) fixed
10) fixed
11) already not used (was in Configure view dialog), removed

All in build 2834. I will update Weblate after confirming fixes and speed functionality strings.


2024-02-16 10:05

developer   ~0074282

Weblate updated.


2024-03-08 16:20

administrator   ~0074533

One translator indicated that the following dialog isn't localized correctly.


2024-03-08 16:24

administrator   ~0074534

cannot-open-file.jpg (14,508 bytes)   
cannot-open-file.jpg (14,508 bytes)   


2024-03-08 18:27

developer   ~0074536

Last edited: 2024-03-08 18:27

Displayed HTML tags in this error message (and related) fixed in build 3004.
The second part of the error message (contents of < p > tag) in this dialog cannot be localized, it is system error message received from system call, we just add it to this dialog to be more informative.


2024-03-13 22:29

administrator   ~0074639

Last edited: 2024-03-13 22:36

Martin just noticed that numerous strings are updated in MMW, but not in weblate. e.g.

(the English string displays correctly in MMW, but in weblate, it shows "Playing list" instead of " 'Playing' list " ). Martin noticed numerous such issues!

Note: most of the translations have already been completed. Can you get a list of all of the incorrect strings so that we can decide how to proceed?


2024-03-14 07:48

developer   ~0074656

Nothing to proceed here. These are strings used in older versions. I only do not delete them, so older versions of MM5 are still translated too. You can search for e.g. "Remove from 'Playing' list only" and will see both versions.
I used comment "string till 5.0.4 version only" for such strings, this comment was displayed in older version of Weblate, it seems, current ignores it and does not display :-/


2024-03-14 09:35

developer   ~0074657

Reopened - after discussion with Jiri, I will copy comments like "string till 5.0.4 version only" to explanation field, so users will see, what string is for older versions only.


2024-03-14 10:08

developer   ~0074658

Fixed, all such older strings have now note in Explanation.


2024-03-18 17:11

administrator   ~0074687

As reported at , "Exclude these tracks" (from 0017779 )is missing from the localization strings.


2024-03-18 18:46

developer   ~0074693

Weblate updated. Problem was in extracting of this string from source codes, so no change in app needed.


2024-03-22 02:40

administrator   ~0074738

Verified 3006.