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0011926MediaMonkey for AndroidTrack Browserpublic2020-04-09 12:36
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version1.0.5 
Target Version2.0.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0011926: Search should support all displayed attributes
DescriptionIn MM 1.0.4, Search doesn't return tracks for path/filename/extension searches (e.g. search for 'flac' doesn't return anything even if flac files exist in the library).

For 1.0.5, we should ensure that any attribute that is displayed should also be searchable.
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Fixed in build


related to 0009779 closedmartin Improve presentation of search results (0 tracks are returned in some cases) 



2014-11-25 22:38

administrator   ~0041152

Feasible for 1.1.0?


2014-12-05 07:06

developer   ~0041327

I would postpone this issue to 1.1.1 same as 0009779.

But please clarify to me:

Now we are able to search by
Artist name
Albums name
Media title

We can add searching by media path(maybe after several letters e.g >=3 are written to get less suggestions),
or by Composers mentioned in 0009779,

but what you mean "any attribute that is displayed"?
Because we are not displaying path anywhere (just in properties). Can you specify list of attributes?


2014-12-05 15:11

administrator   ~0041334

Last edited: 2014-12-05 15:14

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I meant that since MMA currently already contains the following fields in the track Properties:
Release date

...that it would be useful if search would search for these fields as well. In terms of implementation (pre- #9979):
- Composer & Release date & Extension (e.g. search for .mp3 / .flac etc...): would work in the same way as Artist/Album/Genre, but would show the Composer / Release date / Extension icon.
- Path/Filename: would just return results as tracks

(If we implement #9979, the implementation would probably differ somewhat.)

Note: I've pushed this to 'high'--if we have time, we should try to fit it in 1.1.0. If we implement anything for 1.1.0, given time constraints, we should probably limit it to just the fields that can be trivially implemented without risk.


2014-12-05 16:35

administrator   ~0041336

Per discussion with Martin, it would trivial to implement this for Composer and Release date for _live_ search results. BUT, when the user clicks <enter>, search results currently appear organized by Tabs, and the current control is not horizontally swipeable (i.e. it's pretty much limited to the 3 tabs--Tracks, Artists, Albums--that are currently implemented).

So we'll have to defer this to 1.1.1.