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0016492MediaMonkey 5Codecspublic2021-06-14 08:16
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Target Version5.1 
Summary0016492: ReplayGain: Support for Replaygain2
DescriptionWe should at least look and get involved in supporting ReplayGain 2 for future versions of MM.,89841.0.html,86116.0.html,85978.0.html
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2020-04-06 09:40

administrator   ~0057493

Makes sense to me. It probably wouldn't be too hard to replace the current RG calculation code by a new library:

Apart from this, there doesn't seem any significant change needed.


2020-04-21 23:40

developer   ~0057676

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One more user reported that Tracks can clip at 95db Setting eben clipping prevention is enabled.

Looks like difference in Replay gain calculations are the issue and either disabling or recalculating it MM fixes clipping. To be yet confirmed.

some tracks with high difference in standards,86429.0.html


2021-06-14 07:59

developer   ~0063915

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We should also add replay gain album peak value to metadata and use it with album gain value, we currently do not use it, but it is part of RG2 standard. Formats mostly use replaygain_album_peak or REPLAYGAIN_ALBUM_PEAK tags for it.
We should probably prefill this values automatically during DB upgrade, it can be simply computed from track peak values.