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0019902MMASynchronizationpublic2023-05-16 20:32
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Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.1.0 
Summary0019902: Sync log
DescriptionWould it be possible/make sense that after each sync operation a log would be saved noting:
- changes on the device
- changes on the PC

And making the log accessible via the MMA/MMW sync UI?

Related issue: when a title="" and sync fails, the sync status screen just indicates that 'Unknown title' failed to sync. In such cases, it would be preferable to indicate the original filename.
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Fixed in build


related to 0019786 newmartin Sync report: Completed with errors / Failed to download provides no useful feedback 



2023-04-05 02:33

updater   ~0071455

I don't think that a huge log like the MMW track import log is of much, or any, value.
I think that a limited log would be highly desirable.
1. Exceptions: tracks|album that did not sync successfully, with at least a hint as what the problem is, eg. the sync couldn't get started (why, where did it fail), or comms interruption (so the User could retry the sync), or insufficient rights to open a track (which track, and where (in the device or on the PC|NAS)
The User needs to know what to do. See point #5 here
If the sync started and completed, but some tracks failed to sync, I would want a list of those tracks.

2. Updates coming from the device, ie. updates from MMA environment --> MMW environment
I think that these are especially sensitive.
I think that there should be opt-out logging of all track updates, other than play counts and date last played, coming from MMA
People carefully curate their tracks. ... MMA is running on a tiny screen that is hair triggered by accidental taps, swipes, and fat fingers.
Is good that small corrections can be done by MMA. If this happens I would want to be able to open a log which shows what happen, so I could be assured that the changes were intentional. ... at least until I built up some trust in MMA