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0018976MMAPlaybackpublic2022-08-30 21:37
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.0 
Summary0018976: Bluetooth playback volume continually resets to 'really loud'
DescriptionWhen playback outputs to a bluetooth speaker, the volume resets to 'really loud' each time the user advances to a new track. This makes MMA unusable with a bluetooth speaker. The issue doesn't occur with other music apps.

1 Connect to a bluetooth speaker
2 Initiate playback (Golden Brown)
--> playback is really loud
3 Adjust volume lower by tapping the volume button once
--> volume gets dramatically lower (much lower than one volume notch would imply)
4 Adjust volume higher by tapping the volume button once
--> volume gets a bit higher, but not nearly as high as it was at step 2
5 Click NEXT (Walk, Don't Run), Next (Bring on the Night)
--> Track starts playing again really loudly (note that the volume indicator hasn't done higher--just the volume)! Note that in this particular case, 'Walk, Don't Run' played at the expected volume, and 'Bring on the Night' played at the raised volume.
Log ID: 6XKIW2U167

This occurs whether volume leveling is enabled or not.
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Fixed in build



2022-08-30 21:37

administrator   ~0069095

Tested with build 1024 and both Android 12 & 13 and am no longer able to replicate. Closing.