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0019187MediaMonkey 5Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)public2022-06-26 22:54
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Target Version5.1 
Summary0019187: Collections: Auto-tools further customization
DescriptionCurrently Auto-tools masks are saved in INI.

We can further make it customizable by adding Two new tabs in Collection Options eg. "Auto-Tag from Filename" and "Auto Organize" which will be saved in MM5.DB and also solve issues with user complains that can't easily edit available masks.
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2022-06-20 11:50

developer   ~0068609

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IMO masks configuration for "Auto-Tag from Filename" and "Auto Organize" shouldn't be part of "Collection Options".
It really belongs to the corresponding dialogs.
Also Options > Auto-oragnize allows users to configure auto-organizing per collection (and further rules).

What we could do is to enhance default set of masks (if needed).
Assigned to Rusty for triage/review.


2022-06-26 22:32

developer   ~0068698

I am not sure I understand what you meant as Options > Auto-organize regulated Organizing Automation and what I am proposing is to filter masks per collections and moving them to MM5.DB so that are persistent on migration of MM5 to NEW PC, while having ability to delete not used masks withing MM.

NOT as seen in Below Picture organize mask is global so expanding to more saved mask would just make users confused more.

I am just trying to make things easier for users and cut few clicks eg.: Select Music Track -> Auto Organize -> OK -> Select TV tracks -> Auto Organize -> Select Mask -> OK -> Select Music Track -> Auto Organize -> Select Mask -> OK -> .... and in any case user forget to Select Copy/Move + Mask it will make big big issues as for Auto Organize/Tag From Filename there is no Undo.

Also from Below pic No mask correspond to TV tracks and if added it will delete one of Music Masks.


2022-06-26 22:54

developer   ~0068700

re 0019187:0068609: Maybe just like in Edit Auto-Playlists We can add Drop down to filter masks selections.