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0017829MediaMonkey 5Extensionspublic2021-05-18 01:33
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Product Version5.0.1 
Target Version5.0.2 
Summary0017829: Edit tag script: Featured artists to Artists
DescriptionThis is an idea for a simple script (that could, at some point in the future be included in MM).

Musicbrainz and other metadata sources often title tracks in the following format:

Title (feat. Artist)
Title (feat. Artist1 and Artist2)

Auto-tag already processes such tracks correctly (i.e. if a lookup is successful, featured artists are moved to the Artist field), but in cases where auto-tag fails or isn't used, it would be useful if users could manually apply such a rule.

This could be accessed via:
- Edit tags > Title (feat. Artist) to Artist (Tooltip: Moves featured artists from the Title to the Artists field)

1) Other tracks might also appear as follows and shouldn't be changed:
Title (Remix)
Title (xxxxx version)

2) 'feat.' might be used similarly in other languages in which case it should be applied in a similar fashion (can probably be deferred)

3) In some other cases using other online sources for files and for Audio CDs, there is also common case where "feat.", "ft.", and if there is multiple featuring artists also "," is used to separate additional featuring artists.
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