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0019900MMANavigationpublic2023-03-28 15:10
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Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.2.0 
Summary0019900: Contextual search
DescriptionMMA's search functionality is currently always Global, meaning:
a) there's no way to restrict search functionality to the current Top Level Node (e.g. Classical Music)
b) there's no way to restrict search functionality to the current Node (e.g. Music > Acoustic Rock)
c) there's no way to find a track within the current view (most often needed for the Playing Queue and for Playlists)

MMW offers these functions via Toggles, however, this would be too onerous for phones. A possible approach would be to use the dropdown that currently appears upon entering a search term to trigger alternate approaches. e.g.

If the user initiates a search and types 'Fur' without pressing 'Enter', three suggested searches would appear as dropdowns:
- Search Globally
- Search Music
- If the active view is a Playlist or a Playing Queue: Find in list

Once the user presses 'Enter', a global search is initiated, and it would return results in a view grouped by attribute. e.g.
[image] Artist 1
[image] Artist 2

Album Artists
[image] Album Artist 1
[image] Album Artist 2

[image] Album 1
[image] Album 2

[I a e] . Title . . . [Rating]
[ m g ] . Artist . . . <time>

I think that this approach would preserve almost all of the existing functionality except for real-time search updates in the dropdown, but would gain more useful functions in return.
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