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0020582MMW 5Now Playingpublic2024-05-14 22:04
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Target Version5.1Fixed in Version5.1 
Summary0020582: Now Playing List mode is different than Playing List mode
DescriptionNow Playing List mode is behaving differently than Playing List mode, those views should be the same by look and behavior.

1. Now playing list mode do not have Update sort order
2. Drag and drop do not work when Custom Sort order is active eg. sorted by title
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Fixed in build3006


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2024-01-28 16:50

developer   ~0074150

Last edited: 2024-01-28 16:56

2) is by design, as during custom sorting it is not clear, where to place newly dropped file (what playing order).


2024-01-28 17:35

developer   ~0074151

Last edited: 2024-01-28 17:36

re 1) question is, where to place Save button. Playing panel does not have its place on toolbar (and the panel can be placed elsewhere, not only in the top right corner, so it would not be clear, which button is related to Playing panel) It has own context menu, but it is hidden, so users would still have problem quickly see, how to save new order.


2024-01-29 09:36

developer   ~0074153

Last edited: 2024-01-29 09:38

Another thing - in case playing list is displayed under Playing node/Playing view, resetting to default sorting is simple - F5 (view refresh) or switching to another node and back. But these actions are not related to the list in Playing panel.
What about do some kind of overlay in both views (and remove existing save button in the toolbar) - the overlay box will overlap a bit of the list, but I can't think of a better universal solution. After changing display order it will show e.g. in the bottom right corner of the list viewport (fixed position) overlay box with two buttons - "Check mark" with tooltip "Save new order" and Cross mark with tooltip "Reset sort order" (new string, we probably do not have any usable yet). This will also visually indicate, that the list is some special state and user should decide what to do with new sorting.
Rusty, what do you think?


2024-01-29 18:37

developer   ~0074156

Re 0020582:0074151: 1) Save new Order should be placed in ⋮


2024-01-29 18:39

developer   ~0074157

Menu is possible solution, but it will be hidden there and hard to find for novices.


2024-01-29 18:48

developer   ~0074159

Last edited: 2024-01-30 18:11

re 0020582:0074157: we clearly stated that all Now playing (right panel) options are there and users agreed/accepted/found reasonable especially when Simplified view is used.

re 0020582:0074153: In case of overlay then it is very likely that last track on Playlist will be obscured by it. Also in my case no new strings are introduced.


2024-03-12 05:26

updater   ~0074584

I also think that putting Save New Order to the Playing menu is the best solution.

I am strongly against overlay buttons. I don't even like Playing and Tree menu buttons and I think that their place should be at the title bar of panel, as in every standard program. These overlay buttons are much harder to find for novices, they are not intuitive. But for some strange reason you decided to remove title bars from Tree and Playing panels. MM4 had an option "Show Titlebar (move window)", but no such thing here.


2024-03-12 14:52

administrator   ~0074592

I agree that the simplest solution would be to add 'Save new order' to the 'Playing' element's overflow menu (either above 'Clear' or below 'Reverse list' but in that section).

But there still remains the problem that Michal raised--that there's no obvious way to revert a sort mainly because the '⋮' overwrites the '#' symbol in the 'Playing' element, thereby preventing the user from clicking on the # to re-sort by the sort order. Possible solutions:
1) Force a column width that gives enough space for the ellipsis and the #, and fixing the UI so that tapping on the # doesn't activate the ellipsis overflow menu
2) Move the ellipsis for both the Playing and the Preview windows to the right side
image.png (21,466 bytes)   
image.png (21,466 bytes)   


2024-03-12 19:00

developer   ~0074600

1) tried to add min width to the first column header to build 3004. I think it is quite good compromise and still allows the column data to be narrower.
2) it does not solve problem, as it could overlap another column header


2024-03-14 18:18

developer   ~0074663

Fixed in build 3006. Also reset display order to playing order can be done by simply pressing F5/View - Refresh.


2024-03-21 01:40

developer   ~0074722

Verified 3006