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0019669MMAPlaylistspublic2023-01-01 12:36
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
PriorityimmediateSeveritymajorReproducibilityunable to reproduce
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version2.0.0Fixed in Version2.0.0 
Summary0019669: Playlist Widgets gets renamed to Appname instead of actual widget names on reboot
DescriptionBased on user tests MMA Widgets work in 1056 as a result of fixing 0019641 and 0019650, but they get renamed to MMA (eg. "MediaMonkey") after phone reboot of after some Idle time (undetermined)

User logs from requested steps in forum
Created 4 widgets, including sync. All work

First log... WIMCENBPUG

Reboot.. all renamed, but still working

Second log... BBNSZD8W6W
Additional InformationTest request
User test results
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Fixed in build1057


related to 0019641 closedrusty Playlist Widget Fails 
related to 0019650 closedmartin Playlist and Sync widgets don't work (regression) 



2022-12-28 10:43

developer   ~0070758

Fixed in build


2023-01-01 12:36

developer   ~0070769

Verified 1057

User also confirmed fix.