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0019210MMW 5Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)public2022-09-22 17:41
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Target Version5.2 
Summary0019210: Album Art lookup: Like Save Icon when there is no album art there should be Search icon
DescriptionLike Save Icon when AA is found but not saved and when there is no album art there should be Search icon, so that user can click and start Album art lookup.

That would make things consistent with MMA proposal at 0019206

EDIT: This is important for users that have album art automatically looked up since some of the unsaved artwork is incorrect.
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Fixed in build


related to 0019206 closedmartin MMA If AA is missing, find AA button should appear by default 
related to 0019253 closedmichal MMW 5 Album art lookup is still executed on album nodes even it is disabled in Options 



2022-09-13 20:46

administrator   ~0069239

We already have the following in the preview window:
Artwork: Lookup
Preview: Lookup

Are you saying that you want to change the text to an icon?


2022-09-14 10:21

developer   ~0069251

I was talking about Grid views like Album listing and Single Album View where when even Album is searched in background 0019253 it often return bad AA and user needs to use Right click Lookup image to correct it. Also when Image is not found only default AA image is shown and Search icon would make things easier.

Note: For Album Grid list I would suggest that Search icon is shown on Mouse over event it performance is influenced to show on all Albums that do not have AA.
bug19210 single album view.jpg (52,520 bytes)   
bug19210 single album view.jpg (52,520 bytes)   


2022-09-22 17:39

administrator   ~0069487

If we implement this, it should be consistent. i.e. anytime the 'save' icon appears, the 'lookup' icon should also appear (e.g. Preview, Properties, Grid, etc.)