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0016453MediaMonkey 5Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filterspublic2022-04-20 00:09
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0.4 
Summary0016453: Full text Search: may not return all search results
DescriptionTaken from 0005565 Where we implemented option to user for Inline full text search, but as it slowdown query execution "search word prefix" is default option.

Testing off 0005565 found that both options work flawlessly, but default option of "search word prefix" fail for languages that do not use Space as separator and right to left languages where inline search return more accurate results despite of being slower.

Idea of this bug is to overcome this limitation.

The suggestions and possible approaches would be:
1. Add switch in search results screen (or an option to 3dot context menu of Advanced search)
2. Add option to switch in Search context menu (probably not needed if 1. is implemented)
3. In case of no results found with "search word prefix" an delayed dialog would be shown to prompt user to perform one time inline search (possibly add Do not ask again check mark)
Steps To ReproduceFor testing I used Search "ueen" as inline of "Queen" as both for artist, album and track names.
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Fixed in build


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2020-03-25 11:51

developer   ~0057338

I am not sure that this option needs to be so prominent, but leaving on Rusty to review.

I would rather say that it is one time config, but maybe we could change the default for oriental languages ?


2021-10-14 17:02

administrator   ~0065208

This is not the type of setting that should be exposed to the user on an ongoing basis--finding matching content is something that MM should just do automatically without additional user interaction. So 1 and 2 aren't good solutions. And 3) probably isn't a great option either because whether tracks are found or not doesn't matter as much as whether _all_ the tracks were found--i.e. a toast prompting to expand search results would have to be presented every time a search was performed, which would be annoying.

The best options would be those that would automate this completely. e.g.
4) As ludek suggested, automatically adjust the setting at install based on the language chosen. Issues:
a) Do we know what the best settings are for different languages ?
b) Just because a person prefers an Arabic (right-to-left) interface (with settings automatically set to respect diacritics), does it mean that the majority of their content isn't English music (for which Ignore diacritics is preferred)? Or similarly an english person may have chinese/hebrew content in their collection. So even if MM adjusted the setting at install, MM _still_ wouldn't find all matches in all cases.
So while this may help in some cases, it's a partial solution at best.

5) Automatically expand search results using other search settings after initial results are presented. e.g. depending on the preferred setting:
first Ignore diacritics / Match beginning of words then Respect diacritics / Match within words
first Respect diacritics / Match within words then Ignore diacritics / Match beginning of words
BUT I guess that this would result in a poor user experience so I'm not sure if it's a viable approach

6) Find a means of enabling a more permissive default search setting that meets all needs: Ignore diacritics / Match within words


2022-01-20 20:15

developer   ~0066693

Last edited: 2022-01-20 20:16

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I prefer 4) but as you indicated it still might be unwanted (e.g. for Arabic (right-to-left) interface (with settings automatically set to respect diacritics) and majority of their content is English music).

So the idea is to show toast message just when one of those oriental languages is set and a search is performed, then message like this could appear:
"Current search mode is 'Ignore diacritics / Match beginning of words (faster)' but for your language you might want to change the mode
[Options] (x)"

where Options is link to Options > Search

The toast would appear for 5 seconds and once closed by the close button then wouldn't appear again.

Assigned to Rusty for review and to specify the set of oriental languages for which the "Respect diacritics / Match within words" settings makes more sense.