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0009600MediaMonkey for AndroidPlaylistspublic2022-08-29 14:17
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Target Version2.0.3 
Summary0009600: Include several default auto-playlists
DescriptionAlthough editing of auto-playlists isn't supported in MMA 1.0, it would make sense to include a couple of auto-playlists by default. e.g.
- Recently added
- Recently played
- Most played
- Top rated

We also need to determine the best course of action for default auto-playlists that are similar on both MMW and MMA.
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Fixed in build


parent of 0010817 feedbackmartin Add ability to sync MMW Auto-Playlists as Auto-Playlist to MMA 
related to 0012204 new Autoplaylist support (without synchronization) 
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2012-08-24 11:41

administrator   ~0031680

Decreasing priority, since it probably won't be possible to implement for v1.0.