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0017290MediaMonkey (current)Framework: Scripts/Extensionspublic2021-01-16 14:47
Reporterdrakinite Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.1.30 
Target Version4.1.31Fixed in Version4.1.31 
Summary0017290: Opening MM4 always overrides MMIPs association from MM5->MM4
DescriptionIf a user changes MMIPs to open in MM5 instead of MM4, but then opens MM4, it always overrides the filetype association from MM5 back to MM4.

Solution would be to make the *installer* change file association instead of the program. Preferably, both installers (MM4 and MM5) should have a checkbox for "Associate .mmip (MediaMonkey Install Package) files with MediaMonkey [4/5]", which starts out checked but can be unchecked.
Steps To Reproduce1. Set MMIP files to Always open in MediaMonkey 5
2. Open MM4 (Not via MMIP, but just open it normally)
MMIPs now always open in MM4 instead of MM5.
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Fixed in build1915



2020-12-27 00:47

administrator   ~0061080

Sounds like a reasonable approach except I wouldn't make it configurable at this point:
a) I'm not sure that we'd want to split file association configuration to different locations (i.e. mmip in the installer and media file types in MM --> Windows)
b) Strings are frozen and I think that this fix should be classified as 'urgent' for both MM4 and MM5


2020-12-28 12:03

developer   ~0061100

Last edited: 2020-12-28 12:13

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I can confirm that MM4 re-associates MMIP and MMDC on each start (once it founds them no longer associated with MM4).
Current workaround is to use MM4 portable version.

Possible solutions:
- for 4.1.31: Disable this association on each start and do it only the first start after install
- for 5.0: As MM5 addons are not compatible with MM4 addons then we could rather use *.mmip5 as the extension for MM5 addons ?


2020-12-28 12:18

developer   ~0061101

Added the MM4 sulution in (i.e. mmip/mmdc is now associated only during MM4 install -- or on the first launch after re-install)


2021-01-16 14:47

developer   ~0061393

Verified 1915

Ludek implementation from ~61101works if MM4 is installed after MM5 on next MM5 start associations are back to MM5.