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0019604MMAUPnP / Castingpublic2024-01-31 17:19
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.1 
Summary0019604: Casting to UPnP: Seek (and play controls) don't work
DescriptionWhen casting to UPnP, Moving the Seek bar has no effect.

Even worse, tapping PREV/NEXT during playback sometimes has no effect, and always fails to work after having attempted to move the Seek bar.

Tested with 1050 on Android 13.
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Fixed in build


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2022-12-23 12:33

developer   ~0070744

I can't replicate it. Is this track format specific? Are you casting to MM5 or a different Upnp server? Send some logs when it occurs, thanks.


2022-12-23 14:30

administrator   ~0070746

1 Played roadhouse blues to Kodi (UPnP)
--> seekbar initially starts at 48s and then resets to 0 correctly
2 After 7s of playback, move seekbar to about 1/3 of the song
--> seekbar remains stuck at 7s
3 Pause song at around 2:38
--> seekbar gets set back to 2:38
4 Unpause
--> seekbar starts working agoin
5 Move seekbar ahead again
--> seekbar gets stuck
--> when next track starts playing (Full circle), it gets unstuck


As to Play controls not working, I can't replicate that any longer. The only thing that I do notice is that each time I press NEXT, the next track starts playing as expected, but the seekbar behaves erratically resetting to the correct point at which the last track had played to and then resetting to 0. e.g.
Land of 1000 dances had seekbar 'stuck' at around 10 seconds, but actually played until 47s
Click NEXT
--> I Don't Care starts playing, and seekbar resets to 47s, then again resets to 0s, then starts advancing normally.


This issue doesn't occur when BubbleUPnP casts to Kodi from the same device.
Also, this doesn't occur when MMA casts to MMW.
Lastly, this issue occurs with MMA 1.x as well. Since it's not a regression, we may want to push it to 2.0.1

Note: I was unable to replicate the problem of PREV/NEXT not working


2023-01-09 22:35

administrator   ~0070879

Pushing to 2.0.1 as this issue also occurs when casting from MMA 1.4.x to Kodi.