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0016063MMASynchronizationpublic2024-05-24 14:13
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Status assignedResolutionopen 
Target Version2.0.1 
Summary0016063: Sync: Enforce Mask do not work
DescriptionIf User Sync WiFi while Using Enforce Mask for existing, then Mask is not enforced. Only New syncs have correct mask.

Attached picture with:
- Sync settings and Mask from MY MMW
- Track Properties/path Mask before WiFi Sync
- Confirming that after WiFi Sync all is in sync
- Log ID Sent after confirming that Track Properties/path is same eg. Track path not enforced
Additional InformationBUC-687-40284
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Fixed in build


duplicate of 0012027 closedmartin MMW v4 WiFi Sync: option 'Enforce use of sync mask for files already on device' doesn't take effect 
related to 0013350 closedmartin MMA Implement sync progress and sync result activities using ORM and data binding 
has duplicate 0019986 resolvedmartin MMA Enforce Mask on WiFi for existing files should be low priority in background 
related to 0020942 newmartin MMA Force files to resync whenever the source files have changed 



2019-10-30 21:35

developer   ~0055157

I) If possible do it in background after sync is done so that user can continue using device?
II) Maybe add similar dialog to one we use for skipping scan on device startup as it stress the device?
IIa) Also it could be wise to add battery watch so that it starts when charging to optimize battery usage?


2020-02-17 17:58

developer   ~0056699

1)MMW has to add "Enforce" flag to DeviceConfig.xml
2)when the flag is set, MMA has to rescan the entire library track by track and for each track compare old path with a new path (path depends on track metadata)
3)If paths differ, then track should be added to the list to confirm by a user.
After confirmation, old tracks should be deleted and new tracks will be downloaded to new paths(and with new filename).

4)This is not a trivial operation and should be postponed to 2.0.x version. Also, 0013350 will be useful for this issue.