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0017951MediaMonkey 5Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)public2021-08-31 12:00
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version5.0.1 
Target Version5.1 
Summary0017951: Album art Lookup: Manually adding Album art do not remove cached (looked-up album art) for album
DescriptionManually adding Album art do not remove cached (looked-up album art) for album.

1. Show Album info -> let MM find Album art
2. Open Album properties -> Artwork
3. Initiate Lookup
4. Manually browse to Album art
5. Apply new Album art to Whole Album
6. Album art in Album view still shows cached image

Workaround Delete all cached/search album arts
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Fixed in build


related to 0017968 assignedpetr Auto-Tag: Auto Tag Fail for compilations even they are enabled and existing in MB 



2021-05-31 12:17

developer   ~0063622

I cannot not find any way how to reproduce, even the same steps work for me as expected. Please try clean installation with default settings and try to find, if there are some other preconditions needed to reproduce this. Thanks.


2021-06-01 08:30

developer   ~0063652

Sent you offline my whole portable Folder.

I tried to delete cached images and it showed again, simply ignored correct Album Art.

MM should open on affected Album


2021-06-01 15:27

developer   ~0063668

The problem is caused by the specific situation, where user has first scanned audio CD (cda files on read only medium) and then the same album in some standard format (here FLAC). When we read or save album artwork, we read artwork from the first album track and save artwork to tags or folder of the first album track. But in this case, first album track is cda in read-only folder, so artwork cannot be saved at all.
This situation is probably not very common, so postponing, as solution is not clear and fix will be risky. We currently do not support persistent artworks for audio CDs.