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0019775MMAAction barpublic2023-05-12 13:49
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Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.0 
Summary0019775: Play next/last commands aren't immediately accessible (regression MMA 2)
DescriptionIn MMA 1, tap-hold on track(s) displayed shortcuts to Play Now/Play Next/Play last.

In MMA 2, tap-hold on track(s) in Playing > Queue displays shortcut to Play Next, and in all other views, displays the shortcut to Play Now. This is problematic because:
- When tracks are playing users usually want to add tracks to the queue, especially when selecting them, and even when tracks aren't playing adding tracks to the queue is probably the more commonly desired action (especially considering that tapping tracks initiates Play Now).

That being said, the reasons for the change in MMA 2 was so that users could better understand the available functions (the icons aren't self explanatory), and because of the limited space available when multiple tracks are selected.

With the above in mind, perhaps we should tweak things as follows:
1) When multiple items are selected just show the # of selected items but don't display 'Selected item(s)' OR just show 'x selected' so as to save space in the action bar, making room for more commands (note: just showing the number of selected items is the approach taken with Gmail as well, so it should be understood by most users).
2) a) Since 'Play Now' is available by tapping tracks, only display the Play next and Play last buttons and move 'Play now' to the overflow menu (or display it as well, if there's room). This is great for experienced users, but less experienced users won't understand what the icons mean.
b) Peke suggested a 'Combo box' approach--i.e. a Play button that expands to show all play options on Tap-hold. But this approach doesn't actually reduce the number of steps and at the same time makes the functionality even more hidden.

TBD--none of these are necessarily better than the current approach
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duplicate of 0019942 feedbackrusty Common actions require more clicks/work in 2.x (regression) 



2023-02-05 20:36

administrator   ~0071090

Last edited: 2023-02-05 20:37

As part of this issue, we should also fix "'Play Now' preserves the queue" so that it works more like MMW. i.e. currently:
- the wording is different than MMW's Default action / Default 'Play now' action settings
- the functionality is inconsistent in the sense that:
-- it changes 'Play now' so that it 'Plays next' when the 'Play Now' button is clicked, but has no impact on the default action when the user Taps a track (i.e. Tapping a track still replaces all tracks in the queue).

What would make more sense is for the wording to be:
Default playback action: Play now / Play next / Play last
Default 'Play now' action: Clear list & play selected + subsequent / Clear list & play selected only / Play selected only

Before implementing we need to discuss/finalize how these 2 sets of functionality work as a whole.