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0015283MediaMonkey 5Syncpublic2019-02-11 12:11
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Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0015283: Sync incomplete (due to locked DB)
DescriptionWith build 2145, I'm repeatedly seeing a 'sync incomplete' error after 3-10 tracks sync.

I tried switching from m4A to mp3 for auto-conversion, and that didn't solve the problem. I would like to test further, but I don't have time atm.

Log attached.
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Fixed in build2146


related to 0015223 closedpetr MediaMonkey crashes on startup / experiences performance issues 



2018-12-23 09:47


Sync_incomplete.LOG (2,163,817 bytes)


2018-12-23 10:24

administrator   ~0051879

I tried disabling auto-conversion. same results.


2018-12-23 10:31

administrator   ~0051880

Retested with 2143, and the problem doesn't exist in that build!


2018-12-23 14:07

developer   ~0051883

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There wasn't any change related to sync between 2143 and 2145. I am watching your logs and in both logs auto-conversion is involved (although you indicated that you disabled auto-conversion in the second log) -- probably a test error? And the reason for the "sync incomplete" is that at one point your MM.DB looks like locked or there is again something related to the condition of your PC, because there is a very simple SQL query (SELECT * FROM Songs WHERE Songs.ID=?) that took 54 seconds! The query is used while serving the file so MMA just timed out with "sync incomplete". The MMA's time out is 10 seconds.

This is what we were seeing in your logs during the last half of year -- that sometimes your DB is locked for minute or so for unknown reason. This is somehow related to your PC, because I have never seen such a issue in other logs or on my PC (even if I use your DB)


2018-12-23 14:40

administrator   ~0051884

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Strange. I've retested today and haven't been able to replicate (at least not right away). So I guess it's related to something else I was doing as I was testing (though I'm fairly certain that I'd even started both MMA and my PC to reverify--the only thing I didn't do was re-install MM5). Possible causes to test out:
- pressing cancel in MMA during a wi-fi sync
- using the files to edit > missing links / files to edit > duplicate titles prior to syncing
- adding new tracks to the library prior to syncing
- adding new auto-playlist (e.g. unrated-) to the sync list
- testing Podcast functionality (updating, sorting, etc.) & syncing podcasts


2018-12-23 15:03

developer   ~0051885

yes, it is not related to 2145 -- it is related to the issue that your DB (on your PC) is inaccessible/locked sometimes (even for minute) , but it is unclear what the trigger is I often see it in your logs on MM5 start (when the MM.DB isn't in RAM yet and SQLite needs to read it from HDD -- which is somehow slow on your PC)
It is also probable that a third party SW (anti-virus ?) or a driver somehow blocks it.


2018-12-23 15:42

developer   ~0051886

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Analyzing the log further the DB was locked by this SQL query:
DELETE FROM Covers WHERE CoverPath='' and CoverStorage=1
that took 55.7 seconds.

The query is called on the beginning of generating thumbs for videos.
To be reviewed whether the query is really needed and/or to optimize it (e.g. create index on CoverPath)

EDIT: Actually the same query was reason for the 0015223 issue.


2018-12-23 16:05

developer   ~0051887

Fixed in 2146


2018-12-24 03:20

developer   ~0051889

Verified 2146


2019-02-06 02:52

developer   ~0052413

Re Verified 2154

No Issues on My PC.


2019-02-11 12:11

developer   ~0052548

Re Verified 2157