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0008898MMW v4Podcastspublic2016-12-01 17:32
Reporterstephen_plattAssigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0.1 
Target Version4.0.7Fixed in Version4.0.7 
Summary0008898: Some podcast feeds don't work (regression)
Description1. This podcast does not work anymore:

When I look in Firefox I can see there are new issues and I can download them. But in MediaMonkey the last one downloaded is 27.01.2011. MediaMonkey is somehow not seeing that there are new shows.

2. HTTPS feeds get error: IOHandler value is not valid.
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Fixed in build1503


parent of 0008924 closedLudek Some non downloaded Podcasts can't be played directly in MM 
related to 0008876 closedLudek Podcast fails to download 
related to 0008916 closedLudek Podcast fails to download 
related to 0013071 closedLudek Penny Arcade Podcast fails with SSL error 



2011-12-27 18:26

developer   ~0029643

Last edited: 2011-12-27 23:20

Both 1&2 fixed in build 1600 and merged into

There is one problem with item 2 though. It works for all https links and podcasts I tested except for the reported one :-)
In MM3 we used another internet access lib which used WinInet API and by using this API the podcast works (server returns '200 OK' and body), but by using OpenSSL in combination with Indy the server continuously returns '302 Found' and recursively redirects to the same address over and over. It looks like something between the server and OpenSSL, but on a lower level as all params in the request that I can influence are same. I don't want to return to WinInet API as it cannot be used for cross-platform version and brings some others problems.


2012-01-03 23:22

developer   ~0029713

1. Non Downloaded Podcasts can't be played directly in MM. After Download they play without problems.


2012-01-04 00:09

developer   ~0029722

Tracked as 0008924


2012-01-04 01:20

developer   ~0029724

Closing as 1. was verified in 1463


2012-01-10 03:32

developer   ~0029788

Last edited: 2012-01-10 03:36

Martin read 0008898:0029643 2. Should be closed due Won't Fix/not fixable


2012-01-10 19:20

administrator   ~0029800

Let's keep our eyes open. Hopefully that site is an outlier, but if there are other sites like that which martin reported, we'll have to figure out how to solve the problem.


2012-01-13 00:13

developer   ~0029843

Last edited: 2012-01-13 00:14

Another one that fails:
Ticket: EHI-522199


2012-01-13 03:49

developer   ~0029844

For me do not even open in Firefox.


2012-01-13 05:24

developer   ~0029847

It seems that this works: in Firefox, but fails in MM to subscribe, not even sure if it is a proper formatted Podcast feed.


2012-01-13 11:18

developer   ~0029856

Thx Ludek, you are right http: one works. After downloading XML of RSS it really looks like it is more blog made in RSS feed where you also have subfeeds presented as keyword searches. Occasionally there is some Media Files to download.

It is designed to be presented in XML along with additional RSS links I think that only those which have Media Files are imported.


2012-01-13 15:56

developer   ~0029865

The is not correctly formatted as its content is all on the one single row (line) and it exceeded max line lenght limit.

=> fixed in build 1465 (fixed Indy lib to accept such a long lines)


2012-01-25 23:08

developer   ~0030084

Verified 1465


2012-02-10 12:33

developer   ~0030355

It is still the same reason as I described here in note #c29643


2012-08-09 02:33

developer   ~0031622

Last edited: 2012-08-13 16:08

also fails with IOHandler error (ticket FRU-247083). The files link through an https dropbox link.


2012-08-13 16:07

developer   ~0031634

Last edited: 2012-08-13 16:09

2) and also fail as they link through to https download links (Ticket: SV-833435)


2012-09-11 09:20

developer   ~0031909 works fine for me even with [^] and
are fixed in build 1601.


2012-09-24 22:31

developer   ~0032161

Merged into


2012-09-26 23:52

developer   ~0032213

Verified 1503


2012-09-27 00:13

developer   ~0032217

Verified 1503