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0006324MMW v4Synchronizationpublic2011-07-14 23:03
Reporterjiri Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.1 
Target Version4.0Fixed in Version4.0 
Summary0006324: Some devices don't show after connection in MM
DescriptionDevices that defer connection of SD card as a mass storage device aren't notified by MM, until MM is restarted. Namely, this happens with Blackberry devices and with Google Nexus One phone. This happens on Windows 7 and Vista, but not on XP. The problem isn't caused by MM, the same issue happens to WMP - i.e. it's apparent that it's a problem down in WMDM/WPD layers.

The exact problem happens as follows:
1. MM (or WMP) is started.
2. A device is connected.
3. It creates a drive letter, but the drive isn't fully working yet (read error).
4. Later, the drive is fully mounted, Windows shows its auto-start dialog, the drive becomes readable, but the change isn't noticed by WMDM and the device still isn't listed in its internal list of devices.

Potential fixes:
1. Restart WMDM internally in d_WMDM plug-in. However, there are many potential problems.
2. Use normal filesystem routines for mass storage devices in d_WMDM plug-in. However, it means quite a lot of work, changes and duplicities. It would hopefully all work fine then?
3. MS fixes the problem. This would certainly be the best, but probably won't occur.
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Fixed in build1368


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2010-12-11 22:06

administrator   ~0021745

Fixed in build 1334.
 - Fixed using method 1., it seems to be implemented properly and without and negative side effects.


2011-04-29 10:17

developer   ~0024569

Re-opened, because in recent builds the problem occurs for me, if I connect My ZEN (when MM is running) it shows the device for a second in Media Tree and then immediatelly disappers.


2011-04-29 12:42

developer   ~0024570

Fixed in build 1368.


2011-04-29 14:22

developer   ~0024571

Discussed with Jiri over IM and the fix is revised by him for regressions.


2011-07-14 23:03

developer   ~0026838

No new reports after fix