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0016743MediaMonkey 5Main Panelpublic2020-10-28 09:30
ReporterLudek Assigned To 
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0 
Summary0016743: MM5 F1 online help/what's new/Wiki Updates
DescriptionMoved as item 16) from #16564:

F1 for online help never works, but it's absolutely needed in certain cases (e.g. for masks)

In MM4 when user is e.g. in 'Auto-tag from Filename' dialog and presses F1 then online help goes to

This does not work in MM5
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Fixed in build



2020-06-26 14:59

developer   ~0058665

Framework for assigning links to help pages prepared in build 2259. We can now use "data-help" attribute for assigning help page to any element, "helpContext" property (function returning help page name or string) in any standard Control, or similar "helpContext" property of any node handler.


2020-08-10 00:19

developer   ~0059295

Can you please review and see what is the best approach or I just copy/Paste MM4 Pages for the Moment?


2020-08-11 09:33

administrator   ~0059323

I've modified the server-side redirect so that non-existing 5.0 topics are redirected to the old 4.0 articles. So, we can add 5.0 topics one by one and they'll be automatically picked up instead of the old versions.


2020-10-16 07:09

developer   ~0059875

@peke: yes, only we need also new content, now. e.g. most of the links in the cloned article for 5.0 version do not work.


2020-10-16 20:14

developer   ~0059879

You are right. Looks something in redirections to new pages related to MM5 are not OK. Asking @Jiri about it.

At If I click INTRODUCTION it redirects to instead of


2020-10-16 21:10

developer   ~0059880

THX @Jiri for pointing out on

I corrected it and it works as it should now.


2020-10-28 09:29

developer   ~0060014

Note: Developers card in Wiki needs to be split as current one reflect steps for <MM5 devs