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0017505MMW 5Playbackpublic2022-08-19 21:22
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Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0.4Fixed in Version5.0.4 
Summary0017505: Playback stutters when a large number of tracks change rating (WASAPI only?)
DescriptionUser reported that when album rating is changed, while playing, audio playback stutters:

I can currently only reproduce when output is set to WASAPI. (Waiting for user to confirm).

Based on user report:
1) Play an album, or a large selection of tracks.
2) Select the entire album (or the large number of tracks), including the track that is currently playing
3) R-click > My rating > Select some arbitrary rating
4) When the tracks are being tagged, the audio stutters slightly.

However, I can reproduce just by editing the rating of the currently playing track.
i.e., while track is playing, select a different rating from within the player. Playback stutters for a fraction of a second.

Waiting for user to confirm:
a. whether it's only reproducible on WASAPI
b. whether they can reproduce by just editing the one track, instead of a whole album

Note: Stuttering is easier to notice if you disable smooth pause, smooth seek, and smooth stop.
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Fixed in build2660


related to 0017180 closedmichal Tagging MP3 10s before the end leads to playback loop 
related to 0016992 closedmichal Playback Loops, can't be Paused/Stopped/Next 



2021-02-08 18:24

administrator   ~0061804

Last edited: 2021-02-08 18:29

Test results: for Playing a track, and changing the rating 8 times rapidly while playing

 a) Local: VBR:occasional stutters / CBR: occasional stutters occasional Whitescreen crash
 b) Network: VBR:occasional pauses / occasional Whitescreen/Crash / CBR: occasional pauses
 a) Local CBR --> PASS
 b) Network CBR --> Long pauses
a) Local CBR / Lossless --> occasional stutters
b) Network CBR --> Long Pauses
a) Local --> occasional stutters
b) Network --> occasional long pauses

MP3 (VBR / CBR ) --> Pass
OGG (VBR / CBR ) --> Pass (BUT over the network, tagging can get 'stuck' for some time 10s-1m though it eventually completes)
M4A (VBR / CBR / Lossless)
a) Local: Pass
b) Network: Audio Loops when tagging is 'stuck'
FLAC --> Pass (BUT over the network, tagging can get 'stuck' for some time 10s-1m though it eventually completes)

- The problems seem to occur most often upon repeatedly tagging a track (e.g. by rating it successively)
- The problems tend to occur when the user rates a track just as the first tagging operation is shown (in the status bar) to be completing
- The bug tends to be worse on WASAPI, though it can be made to occur on DirectSound (with M4A). Also, with DirectSound, one can observe what might be the root cause of the issue for OGG/FLAC tracks; i.e. the tagging operation gets stuck when the user initiates a tagging operation just as another tagging operation is completing. With Directsound, the tagging operation gets stuck temporarily (but for a long time) without interrupting playback, but with WASAPI, playback is interrupted.
- On WASAPI, the bug occurs much more readily on MP3 than other formats, and is exaggerated by tagging over the network:
-- Stutters/Pauses when tagging MP3 can be easily triggered (locally or over the network)
-- Other formats occasionally stutter, but playback Pauses are more easily replicable (by tagging tracks on the network, and even then, mainly by repeatedly tagging a track (e.g. 20x) which triggers a long pause. It is triggered when the user is performing a tag modification just as the current tagging process is completing. See:
-- The whitescreen bug that occured when tagging MP3 occurred twice but I haven't been able to replicate it--I'm guessing that it's a different issue


2021-02-08 19:59

administrator   ~0061806

This doesn't appear to be a regression from MM4, and it only occurs if the user changes the default WASAPI settings by disabling the 'smoothing' functions.

Pushing to 5.0.1.


2021-02-09 14:46

developer   ~0061822

Last edited: 2021-02-09 14:47

I should note that it's still present if the smoothing functions are enabled; it just becomes harder to notice.

Still minor, however, and it should be okay to wait until 5.0.1 to fix.


2022-08-11 07:25

developer   ~0069000

Fixed in build 2660, by fixing 0017180. Playing files are now tagged after finishing playback.


2022-08-19 21:22

developer   ~0069034

Verified 2660

I was not able to replicate loop, but no regressions were introduced.