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0016992MMW 5Playbackpublic2022-08-19 21:24
Reporterlowlander Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0.4Fixed in Version5.0.4 
Summary0016992: Playback Loops, can't be Paused/Stopped/Next
DescriptionWhen MediaMonkey is asked to do a few tasks it can get in a playback loop state.
Additional InformationLog C7BC05F2 873805F2
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Fixed in build2660


duplicate of 0017180 closedmichal Tagging MP3 10s before the end leads to playback loop 
related to 0018205 closedLudek Auto-DJ tweaks 
related to 0017505 closedmichal Playback stutters when a large number of tracks change rating (WASAPI only?) 



2020-12-16 18:49

developer   ~0060821

Nearly impossible to reproduce on demand, always is related to long app run and many concurrent actions, where any of these action could be the original reason and the playback loop is only the consequence of the freeze (app stops requesting next audio data and output plugin does not have data to play). Pushing to 5.0.1.


2021-07-05 22:52

developer   ~0064158

C7BC05F2 on 2420 hanging on a Big Boi track (full log at above file share)


2021-07-14 12:40

developer   ~0064216

Fixes related to last logs done in build 2500. I still cannot reproduce, but found some possible closely related problems. I have also added debug messages. Reopen with new log in case you reproduce it again.


2021-09-08 18:00

developer   ~0064499

On 2500 doing a different type of playback I experience this in a different way. It may be related.

Have Auto-DJ run from a complex (multi-level nested) AutoPlaylist and playback repeats the beginning of most files. It would seem that Playback gets interrupted by DB operations.

2500 Playback Repeats first bit twice (Dion; Van Morrison; Joe Louis Walker).log in same place.


2021-09-09 08:55

developer   ~0064505

Fixed in build 2501. It was regression caused by fixing 0018205.


2021-09-17 00:39

developer   ~0064686

Verified 2502

Unable to reproduce.


2021-10-05 19:30

developer   ~0064991

New logs added, problem is with WASAPI Output only.


2021-11-12 14:06

developer   ~0065891

According to the last logs, the problems could be strongly affected by the same problem fixed in 0018539. Please retest. In case you still reproduce it, try to reproduce and generate log also with WASAPI - Advanced - Event driven shared mode - switched off, thanks.


2021-11-12 21:52

developer   ~0065920

I am not able to reproduce on my current sound cards.

Please note that not All DAC and sound Cards support disabling Even driven Share mode and even they support maybe they make issues with default proposed buffers.


2021-11-29 17:40

developer   ~0066154

No longer observed, seems fixes worked


2021-11-30 18:12

developer   ~0066176

Last edited: 2021-11-30 18:14

It did occur again on 2523 (new logs (occurs at end of log) added) and Stop and Pause were ineffective. MM itself is sluggish too.

At the time, CD's are being ripped and files are being edited (full Album, individual and Analyze Volume). My assumption is that playback was waiting for some other task and it maybe took too long. DirectSound was the selected Output Plugin.


2021-12-09 15:47

developer   ~0066313

Postponed to 5.0.3., where we plan to change tagging logic of playing files in 0017180, which could affect this issue too.


2022-08-11 07:48

developer   ~0069001

Tagging logic changed in 2660, playing file is now tagged after playback. Resolving to test also this issue,


2022-08-19 21:21

developer   ~0069033

Last edited: 2022-08-19 21:24

Verified 2660

I was not able to reproduce in 2660, and even in 2659 it was really hard to notice.