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0016870MMW 5FileMonitor / Find Missingpublic2020-10-16 18:07
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
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Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0016870: iTunes DB do not import correctly
DescriptionSome statistics like Play/skip counts and Last played are not imported into MM library on scan and iTunes Library import.

In ticket User Supplied MM.DB and iTunes Library XML.

One of obvious files that contain needed info in XML file and not imported in MM is file under iTunes library "<key>5324</key>" that coresponds to MM.DB Track ID "5403" from MM.DB songs Table.
Additional InformationFHT-314-38967
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Fixed in build2270


related to 0005548 feedbackpeke Abandon handling Mapped Drives and force UNC Naming 



2020-08-06 10:06

developer   ~0059252

Last edited: 2020-08-06 10:19

The problem is representation of the path in the 'iTunes Music Library.xml' , it has path like:
which MM translated to
\\Sjefsdisken\media\Music\iTunes\Music\Cornelis Vreeswijk\Mäster Cees Memoarer vol. 5\14 Ballad om polisen.mp3

But in MM.DB the path of the track is represented as
[media]\Music\iTunes\Music\Cornelis Vreeswijk\Mäster Cees Memoarer vol. 5\14 Ballad om polisen.mp3
where [media] seems to be a mapped drive with drive letter

i.e. MM fails to pair the mapped drive with '\\Sjefsdisken\media\...'

I think that the solution would be to scan the files under UNC path also in MM (paths like '\\Sjefsdisken\media\...') and then the iTunes import would start work.

@Peke: Can you instruct the user how to change the mapped drive to UNC path for the import to work?


2020-08-06 11:21

developer   ~0059254

Asked more info from user in ticket.


2020-10-12 09:10

developer   ~0059825

Last edited: 2020-10-12 09:12

If the path is scanned as UNC in iTunes (\\Sjefsdisken\media\) and as mapped drive in MM (Z:\) then MM has no way how to find that it is actually the same path/drive and thus the matching process during import has failed.

Solution is to scan the files under UNC path also in MM (paths like '\\Sjefsdisken\media\...') and then the iTunes import would start work.
So a KB article should cover this.


2020-10-12 18:19

developer   ~0059831

re 0016870:0059825: That is not actually true and as described in 0005548 sample code it is very easy to match mapped drive letter to UNC path. Even reverse is possible to fetch local shared folders and match/translate them to UNC path see 0005548:0051461.

I would rather keep this as is for now and see what we can improve for MM5.1 UNC/Local path matching can also benefit by MMS too if correctly implemented.


2020-10-12 19:58

developer   ~0059832

Last edited: 2020-10-12 20:33

OK, good catch Peke, I forgot about the ExpandUNCFileName function, seems that should be usable for the matching, assigned back to me.

Actually we have already used the similar solution with ExpandUNCFileName in 0015191


2020-10-14 12:45

developer   ~0059859

Last edited: 2020-10-14 12:46

Fixed in 2270 and tested this way:

1) Created drive Z:\ that is mapped to \\LUDEK-PC\MP3\
2) Opened iTunes and added folder \\LUDEK-PC\MP3\ to iTunes library, created some playlists in iTunes and played some tracks
3) Exported the XML library from iTunes
4) Run MM and scanned only drive Z:\ into the MM library and import from iTunes was checked
5) At the end of scan MM asked me to select the exported iTunes XML file, so I selected the file
=> all tracks have been matched correctly and the iTunes playlists and playcounts have been imported

The same works when the tracks are scanned as Z:\ in iTunes and as \\LUDEK-PC\MP3\ in MediaMonkey


2020-10-16 18:07

developer   ~0059878

Verified 2270

Used steps from 0016870:0059859 to create test environment with 20k tracks with mixed scan (eg. some UNC some Mapped Drive letter) then removed Mapped and scanned UNC in MM5 All paired then reset DB and do that with Mapped drive letter and all as paired Correctly.

FYI it works great both ways, I tried and it resolved/paired my old mapped scans to UNC path on NAS.

TEST NOTE: Path must be Mapped in order that it works as MM needs to pair MApped drive letter to UNC path.