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0014084MediaMonkey 5Playbackpublic2021-02-22 12:12
Reporterlowlander Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionreopened 
Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0014084: Add Play Random option on multi file selection ('Play to' option missing)
DescriptionIt would be nice that if the user has a multi file selection that it could be randomly added to the Now Playing in addition to Play Now, Play Next and Play Last.
Steps To ReproduceI'd personally expect it to clear the Now Playing and add the selected files in random fashion.
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Fixed in build2121


related to 0000023 feedbackrusty MediaMonkey (current) Configurable Shuffle functionality (current behavior vs randomize list) 
related to 0013389 feedbackpeke MediaMonkey 5 Now Playing: Improve handling of previously played tracks 
related to 0015937 closedmichal MediaMonkey 5 Play/Shuffle buttons in view headers and popups do not respect rule for Play now action 
related to 0017582 closedmichal MediaMonkey 5 Info panel 'Play' button adds tracks to Playing in an unclear order 



2017-03-14 15:00

administrator   ~0047488

Something like 'Play Shuffled' probably should be one of the Play context menu commands, Rusty?


2017-11-08 12:59

administrator   ~0049133

Last edited: 2017-12-11 16:35

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1. I think that we can add 'Play Shuffled' to all context menus where 'Play Now' and other Play commands are present.

2. I'd also like to add a context menu to all 'Play' and 'Shuffle' buttons (e.g. Album view), so that they offer the choice of Play Now, Play Next and Play Last, with the same choices for the Shuffle command as well (only shuffled).

3. Another playback related command is 'Play To...':
 a. It currently works only as a selection of playback target. I.e. if there isn't anything playing, user has to select target 'My Chromecast' and then start playback. Wouldn't it make more sense to start playback right away when target is changed?
 b. 'Play to' would be nice to add as a common context menu command, so that user could e.g. right-click a video and start its Chromecast playback.

4. Items 1. and 3b. together would result in quite a lot of context menu commands (currently 7, if we also add Play Shuffled next and Play Shuffled Last). While they all might be useful, it's still quite a lot, particularly for users who don't us MM for playback, but management only. We probably should only include some of them and their visibility could be configurable in Options\Player?


2017-12-12 19:46

administrator   ~0049398

1. Agreed that 'Play shuffled' could be useful as a contextual menu item whenever 'Play Now' is present (i.e. via context menus or Player menu when media are selected).

2. I assume you mean something like this:
Play Now
Play Next
Play Last
Play shuffled >
 - Play Now (plays the selected tracks replacing current ones)
 - Play mixed (mixes the selected tracks into the current ones following the playing track)
 - Play Next (plays the selected tracks shuffled, after the currently playing track)
 - Play Last (plays the selected tracks shuffled, after the last track)
Play shuffled

Note: we could combine 'Play mixed' and 'Play Next' and just keep the 'Play mixed' behavior.
2b) I'm not sure if we want to consider this at the same time, but MM is also missing Album Shuffle. If we want to add this, three additional entries would work i.e.

Play shuffled >
 - Play all
 - Play next
 - Play last
 - Play all (by album)
 - Play next (by album)
 - Play last (by album)

3. I think that this belongs more in the Play menu or Player menu, rather than a context menu for content (since it'll usually not be relevant). Also, in the Player/Play menus the current behavior (where it just changes the output) seems to make most sense (though a change in wording to 'Output to ...' might be clearer.

But if you feel strongly about this, we could organize the menu as follows:

Play all
Play next
Play last
Play more >
 - Play all
 - Play next
 - Play last
 - Play all (by album)
 - Play next (by album)
 - Play last (by album)
 - Play to ...

4) I think that the proposed structure above negates the need for configurability of the menu. Note: I think configurability could be useful, but not necessarily worth spending time on at this particular juncture.

5) As long as we're working on Play menus, we may also want to improve the context menu for the Player, as it's currently missing:

Play / Stop / Stop after current / Previous / Next
Sleep / Equalizer
Crossfade / Shuffle / Continuous

Note: some of the above are present in the player itself, but not necessarily--it depends on the Player customization settings. Assuming the default settings, the most urgent items are:
Stop / Stop after current
Sleep / Equalizer


2017-12-13 16:27

administrator   ~0049405

1. OK, I suppose that it'd contain the 'Play Shuffled' menu item and all of its submenu items as described above in item 2?

2. I meant this specifically for [Play] and [Shuffle] buttons, so that each of them gets its relevant commands shown upon right-click. This applied e.g. to Artist and Album views, or Album pop-ups shown in Albums view, etc.

2b. Might be useful, but probably not enough to deserve few more menu items. Would better work as an Addon for users who really need such a functionality often?

3. Well, I was thinking particularly about a usecase, when I use MM5 to play tracks mainly locally, but then want to Cast a Video to TV (Chromecast). However, not a big deal, let's forget about it for now, maybe the idea will mature later...

4. OK, let's not implement this.

5. OK, let's add Stop / Stop after current / Sleep / Equalizer. Note the Stop is already there, but only in the Play button pop-up menu, not the whole player.

Seems to be mostly clear, assigning to Michal to implement.


2017-12-27 09:59

developer   ~0049460

1), 2) and 5) fixed in build 2089.


2018-01-03 09:46

administrator   ~0049476

Last edited: 2018-01-03 09:56

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Per, there's a problem with Shuffle in Playlist view (including missing pop-up menu for the buttons).

6. Regression: usage of the Shuffle button pop-up menu in Album pop-up results in a crash when a new Album pop-up is about to be shown.

7. Shuffle and Play in Artist view currently operate on Top tracks, which doesn't make much sense, particularly since Top tracks is a sub-view, that can even be hidden. We should operate on all available tracks.


2018-01-04 12:04

developer   ~0049483

Fixed in build 2089.


2018-02-07 23:44

developer   ~0049602

Verified 2089


2018-02-27 08:58

administrator   ~0049651

3. As I'm not the only one who thinks that Play To would be useful also locally, not only as a global switch (see e.g., let's review whether/how to include it.


2018-05-29 08:50

administrator   ~0050409

3. Also mentioned here: . Rusty, do you agree to add it? I'd add it as an item 'Play To' right below Play Shuffled (i.e. top level of the pop-up menu).


2018-08-13 16:56

developer   ~0050922

Seems quite requested, raising the priority.


2018-09-06 21:42

administrator   ~0051049

3) The usecases that I've seen can be summarized as users wanting to:
a) _easily/quickly_ choose a destination (as they play items). This can be achieved by the proposed context menu (right click on an item and Play to --> ) BUT it can be confusing because such a contextual switch is unclear as to whether a config change is being made or a transient config change is being made (see b below). A (better?) alternative might be to make the output selection/selector more visible in the Player (as in MMA where users haven't made this complaint).
b) _transiently_ choose a destination (such that the default destination doesn't change). This can be achieved by using a context menu, but is liable to lead to confusion since it's not clear at what point in time the setting should revert to the default output location.
c) choose a destination specific to a file type. This can be achieved via more in-depth configuration, but is liable to be confusing if the user switches between track types and the output location switches.

Summary: the only feature that we should implement in the short term would be to make it easy/simpler to switch output locations via the MMA-like output selector in the player. We've already implemented this, so I would just suggest the following changes:
- if playback is local, the icon shouldn't be highlighted
- non-local destinations should include the cast icon
- if playback is remote, the icon should be highlighted and hovering over it should indicate the current destination (e.g. Play to Chromecast - Kitchen)

8) Missing icon for Play mixed:
 . -----------------
> -------\/------>
. -------/\------->

9) I'd suggest a small change in the order of shuffle commands:
Play Now
Play Next
Play Mixed
Play Last

(The positioning (along with the suggested icon) will give some users a better idea of what 'mixed' does).

10) Shuffle by album is still missing. I haven't seen many requests so we can probably defer this. If we decide to implement, I'd suggest:
Play Now
Play Next
Play Last
Play shuffled
Play shuffled (by Album)
> Play Now
> Play Next
> Play Last


2018-09-07 07:05

developer   ~0051051

Per IM discussion with Michal, assigned to him for implementation of 3,8,9


2018-09-07 17:39

developer   ~0051056

8) and 9) fixed in build 2121.


2018-09-09 09:40

developer   ~0051059

3) fixed in build 2121.


2018-09-10 13:06

developer   ~0051061

And 10) fixed in build 2121.


2018-09-14 20:13

developer   ~0051121

Verified 2122