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0017728MediaMonkey 5FileMonitor / Find Missingpublic2021-04-15 16:56
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionreopened 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0017728: Scan files --> invalid pointer operation and crash 988864D9
DescriptionUpon scanning flac files from bug 0017724, MM crashed. Steps are:

0 Copy or Move an album to D:\My Documents\Temp\Test\AlbumName and scan it into MM (this is a pre-requisite to step 2)
1 Use 7-zip to extract files to D:\My Documents\Temp\Test\Benjamin Shaw
2 In MM navigate to Music > Location > \My Documents\Temp\Test and press INSERT
--> after the scan completes, Invalid pointer error and crashlog 988864D9

I wonder if this is the root of the issues at 0017724 or if this is a different bug.
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Fixed in build2334


related to 0017724 closedmichal Files with unset attributes can't be tagged or organized (regression) 



2021-04-06 19:16

developer   ~0062703



2021-04-07 17:47

administrator   ~0062733

Verified the original usecase. Leaving open for Peke to re-verify scanning functionality more generally.


2021-04-07 21:58

developer   ~0062745

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Verified 2333

Even done stress test with adding multiple folders with insert and enabling saved folders to be also re scanned. Few of folders contained same example tracks so MM scanned them few times no regression found.


2021-04-08 02:48

administrator   ~0062755

Reverified 2333 and closed.


2021-04-09 15:01

administrator   ~0062764

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I experienced this crashlog again in build 2333 via a different set of steps:
0 Did various tests in various views without major issues (tested 0017731, 0017732, 0017733)
1 Navigate to Folders > Path containing files not in the library [Browser:recursive]
2 Set casting to DLNA
3 Play tracks and click NEXT through multiple tracks
--> No issues
4 Set casting to Google Cast
5 Play tracks and click NEXT through multiple tracks
--> Playback indicates 'Stopping on Kitchen CC' after 7 tracks!
--> Crashlog 988864D9

Shared debug log with Petr.


2021-04-10 21:55

developer   ~0062778



2021-04-15 00:04

developer   ~0062824

Verified 2334

Although I could not get crash when Casting to Nexus Player I saw delay of Showing Playback status in 2333. Unable to replicate in 2334


2021-04-15 16:56

administrator   ~0062836

Verified 2334. Closing.