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0016138MediaMonkey 5Otherpublic2020-01-15 02:22
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0016138: Waveform seekbar: Tracks Waveform is not fully calculated
DescriptionIt happened to me few times during prolonged testing of playback, but can't replicate constantly.

We should add that when Waveform Seekbar is shown MM5 should be capable to check if correct one is generated eg. length of Waveform is lower than track length.

But occurs randomly and it is not format dependent, like generating task is terminated and partial waveform data is cached.

Only way to correct it is to either delete all wavedata cache or if track is not volume analyzed to analize as it tells mm5 to rehash wavedata. So this check would prevent such cases.
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Fixed in build2220



2019-11-23 00:43


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2019-11-24 00:36

administrator   ~0055476

Peke, is this more likely to occur with certain tracks or file formats? If yes, can you provide a couple of sample tracks that it occurred with?


2019-11-28 19:43

developer   ~0055539

Assigned to see if it is easy to add/fix otherwise postpone for 5.1


2019-12-05 13:14

developer   ~0055601

Last edited: 2019-12-05 13:15

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1) During fixes related to this issue I have uncovered serious problem, that is causing freeze or crash, when waveform is going to be computed. It needs to be fixed immediately, increasing priority.
2) maybe we could add some "recompute waveform" context menu item above waveform seekbar, the file could be changed outside MediaMonkey and user could want to recompute waveform even in case it was computed previously till the end.


2019-12-07 14:04

developer   ~0055608

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1) fixed in build 2219.

3) there is problem related to some MP3 VBR files, that do not contain correct samples count, such have displayed waveform in wrong proportions.


2019-12-07 18:30

developer   ~0055609

2) implemented "Update waveform" feature in build 2219, it recalculates waveform, so no need to delete manually from cache


2019-12-17 13:53

developer   ~0055711

Fixed in build 2220. Some VBR files still could have slightly inaccurate waveform, but it should be only minor difference now.


2020-01-15 02:22

developer   ~0055861

Verified 2220

I am not being able to find any file whose waveform is not correctly calculated.